December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas From Ozark Beer Co.

Here's a nice little video Christmas wish from some great folks at Ozark Beer Company, which just recently finally arrived on central Arkansas shelves. Rejoice! Praise Santa, you can now find cans of American Pale Ale, Belgian Golden and Cream Stout to the central Arkansas area.

Here's some interesting back story on the distribution deal as well.

Merry Christmas My Beer Friends!

December 24, 2015

Holiday Memories from Summit Brewing Company

I certainly drank plenty from Summit Brewing this year, as I do every year now that I think about it. Here's a nice holiday greeting from the Saint Paul, Minnesota brewery responsible for one of my favorite beers of the year, Unchained Make It So ESB, a killer herbal Earl Grey tea concoction. Cheers!
"Summit staff share some of their favorite holiday traditions, foods and gifts. 
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Summit!
Holiday shout-out to Cafe Accordian Orchestra for letting us use their great music for the video!"

December 22, 2015

Victory Announces the Launch of its Blackboard Series

 Victory Brewing Company Introduces a Year of Inspired Craft Beer: 
2016 Series Brings Culinary Concepts from Blackboard to Bottle & Tap

Downingtown, PA,December 22, 2015- Victory Brewing Company (Victory) announces the launch of its Blackboard Series, four adventurous and deliciously distinctive beers brewed with fresh ingredients that are a creative craft riff on restaurant blackboard specials. The annual series includes a new creation every three months alternating between bottle and draft only releases. Much like restaurant blackboard specials are used to entice loyal patrons to veer off menu and try something interesting and new with market-fresh produce so does the Victory Blackboard Series.

The first special in the series, Agave IPA with Grapefruit, will be released on January 1, 2016 and is brewed with four variations of American hops that juxtapose strong and bitter aromas against agave and grapefruit additions to create a light, citric bite. The ale is fresh, crisp and bracing, reminiscent of a ripe, ruby red grapefruit. The sweet agave syrup provides a perfect foil to the tartness of the grapefruit resulting in a juicy winter fruit beer. Agave IPA with Grapefruit is available from January through March and can be purchased throughout Victory’s 37-state distribution footprint for a suggested retail price of $9.99 for a 4-pack of 12 oz. bottles. Pricing will vary slightly based upon location. Use Victory’s Beerfinder to discover a nearby location, or download the free Victory Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

As part of the series launch, all three Victory Brewpubs - Downingtown, Kennett Square and Parkesburg are fully ‘embracing the blackboard’ with culinary creations perfectly suited to, or using the ingredients found in, Agave IPA with Grapefruit to celebrate the launch of this series. While Victory will always serve their popular, hop-forward brands and equally delicious fare, it anticipates the alternating bottle and draft “beers du jour” will please and excite the palates of craft beer and brewpub fans alike.

The second beer of the series is certain to excite the funky and wild ambitions side of many craft beer fans. The Dry-Hopped Brett Pils will be available on draft from April to June 2016. The third offering, a Berliner Weisse with Elderflower, will be sold in 12 oz. bottles. The final introduction of the series is an Oatmeal Porter with Hazelnut in a draft format.

“We developed the idea for this series while witnessing the popularity of the daily menu additions in our brewpubs. Using super fresh, seasonal ingredients as the driving force of our Blackboard Series we welcome January and it's bounty of enticing grapefruits,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “The goal of the Blackboard Series is to be flexible, adaptable and diverse while maintaining our high standard for quality. Much like our talented chefs make menu changes, we followed suit to bring ‘specials’ to our fans from the blackboard to the bottle or tap.”

December 19, 2015

The Best Belgian Christmas beers from The Craft Beer Channel

Wanted to share this fun video from the guys at The Craft Beer Channel of "The Best Belgian Christmas Beers" for a couple of reasons. First, it's Christmas themed. Duh. And second, it has nothing to do with Star Wars! Enjoy.

"Jonny and the Brad try a selection of Belgium's best Christmas beers, all matched with festive treats from a supermarket sweep round Aldi."

December 14, 2015

Press Release: Lost Forty Project Foundation

Lost Forty Brewing partners with the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
in launching the Lost Forty Project Foundation

(Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – December 8, 2015) – Lost Forty Brewing establishes partnership with the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission to launch the Lost Forty Project Foundation which seeks to support and enhance conservation efforts across the state by raising funds and building awareness. The Lost Forty Project Foundation will work with the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission and other conservation partners to ensure that resources go to high priority, viable conservation projects that will protect biological diversity for generations to come. The appointed members of the board include John Beachboard, Theo Witsell, and Chris Colclasure.

The Lost Forty Project Foundation officially launches Monday, December 21, 2015 with Lost Forty Brewing’s ‘One Year Anniversary Party’ from 4:00 PM-10:00 PM at 501 Byrd Street, Little Rock, AR 72202. Proceeds from sales of Lost Forty Brewing’s Doppelbock, which will be released that night, as well as proceeds from the concert by Adam Faucett & The Tallgrass will be donated to the Lost Forty Project Foundation.

Media Contact:
Amber Brewer

About the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission is a leader in science-based conservation in Arkansas. Their work over the past 40 years has identified and protected some of the most beautiful and ecologically significant natural places in the state including the 71 public nature preserves that make up the state’s System of Natural Areas. ANHC also works with a variety of public and private conservation partners to protect other unique places. like the ‘Lost 40’ acreage in Calhoun County for which Lost Forty Brewing is named, so that they may remain intact and be enjoyed by future generations of the Natural State.

323 Center Street., Suite 1500, Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 324-9619 •

December 13, 2015

Stone & Sierra Nevada Collaboration NxS IPA

Forget Sonny & Cher, Captain & Tennille or Hall & Oates, this is the greatest team-up in history. Two of my favorite all-time breweries, Stone and Sierra Nevada, have collaborated on a beer and what else would it be but an IPA? It certainly sounds delicious. Happy hunting!

"A California collaboration that blends a dry-hopped IPA with a barrel-aged IPA.

For many, California is considered an epicenter for brewing innovation, particularly where hoppy IPAs are concerned. We teamed up with our longtime craft compatriots and mutual hop admirers at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to create a truly one-of-a-kind IPA.

This special-edition beer conveys the true character of collaboration with touches of inventiveness and creativity. Two batches of an IPA were brewed and expertly blended to craft this multilayered beer. We took the first batch of IPA and aged half of it in gin-infused bourbon barrels and the other half in rye whiskey barrels. The second batch was brewed a month later and generously dry-hopped to impart rich aromas to accompany the citrusy, piney, woody, herbaceous flavors achieved from this truly one-of-a-kind collaboration."

November 26, 2015

Ommegang Thankful for Beer 2015

Here's a cool video for Thanksgiving from one of my favorite breweries, Ommegang. Their new Rosetta was a favorite among new releases this year for me and of course Three Philosophers is one of my all-time faves. My wife and I attended one of their beer dinners at BJ's as well and it was one of the best we hit this year.

Brewery Ommegang: "The beers we're most thankful for, featuring members of the production and office teams."

November 25, 2015

What Happens When Craft Beer and Coffee Make a Baby in a Bourbon Barrel

Craft Beer + Coffee + Bourbon =

Victory Brewing Company’s Limited Release, Java Cask

Downingtown, PA,November 25, 2015- Victory Brewing Company (Victory) announces the arrival of Java Cask, a coffee-tinged bourbon barrel stout available this holiday season while supplies last. Beginning Thanksgiving-eve, a celebratory day dubbed Dark Wednesday, by Victory Brewing Company, based on the frenetic level of pre-holiday purchasing of craft beer and hostess gift requirements, Java Cask marks the fourth beer that has specifically and traditionally been created with this day in mind. A collaborative effort commemorating the long friendship with the founders of Philadelphia’s popular Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s restaurants, bourbon barrel-aged Java Cask is infused with deliciously warming, hand-roasted JB's Coffee.

A deeply complex chocolate malt-tinged stout, Java Cask was aged in bourbon barrels for six months, where it absorbed the blended flavors from the wood as well as the predecessor bourbon they once held. With rich body and hints of dark caramel, Victory partnered with William Reed of Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s, two iconic Philadelphia bars, to add toasty, roasted coffee flavors and aromas to the brew by infusing it with 240 pounds of JB's hand-roasted coffee beans. Java Cask is sold in 750 ml bottles and with an ABV of 14.3%; this marks the highest-octane beer Victory has produced to date.

Available in a limited run while supplies last, Java Cask can be purchased in bottle shops throughout Victory’s 37-state distribution footprint (with the exception of Ohio, New Hampshire, Alabama and Georgia due to ABV limitations) with a suggested retail price of $15.00.  Pricing will vary slightly based upon location. Use Victory’s Beerfinder to discover a nearby location, or download the free Victory Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

“Java Cask is a collaboration built on friendship. William Reed, and all our friends at Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s, have been terrific partners over the years and an integral part of Victory’s local success story,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “This is the perfect beer to share this holiday season, bringing friendships to life.”

“I couldn't be happier with this beer,” said William Reed Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s Co-Owner and longtime home brewer. “Java Cask is a complex beer with bittersweet dark chocolate notes and an intriguing coffee aroma.  Way smoother and more drinkable than the 14% alcohol would suggest.”

About Victory Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company is a craft brewery headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Founded by childhood friends, Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, who met on a school bus in 1973, Victory officially opened its doors in February of 1996. In addition to the original Downingtown brewery and brewpub, Victory recently opened a second state-of-the-art brewery in Parkesburg, PA to expand production capabilities and serve fans of fully flavored beers in 35 states with innovative beers melding European ingredients and technology with American creativity. 

To learn more about Victory Brewing Company visit us on the web at

November 22, 2015

November 14, 2015

The Story Of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 8

Here's the 8th video in the Goose Island Grit & Grain Series:

Each Sip Is Telling a Different Story - Chapter 8

"Bourbon County Stout is a beer that we are proud of and will always be eager to brew. Our brewers however, are innovators…restless tinkerers. They see Bourbon County Stout as a blank canvas rather than a finish product. They see the dark viscous stout as an avenue where countless other ingredients and flavors can live in countless combinations and added in a myriad of processes. Innovation is at the heart of Bourbon County Stout, so it only seems right to continue its legacy by encouraging every brewer to submit their recipe for our gift to Chicago, Proprietors."

November 11, 2015

Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents: The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Seems appropriate on Veteran's Day to post this awesome video from the good folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon. Enjoy. Credit are below video.

"At a time when the Vietnam War was at it's height, one man, John "Chickie" Donohue, snuck back into the war zone to find his 3 closest friends and buy them a beer.

Crazy or caring, Chickie gave his friends more than beer, he gave them hope. Hope that helped each one safely return home when the war was over. Now, 47 years later, the group is reunited to relive the greatest beer run ever."

Produced by Makuhari Media and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Directed by
Andrew J. Muscato

Produced by
Joanna Molloy
Andrew J. Muscato

Executive Producers
Bobby Valentine
Robert Musumeci

Director of Photography
Christopher Raymond

Christopher Huth

Music by
Alex Bilo & Jordan Dean

This video is dedicated to all of the men and women who have served our country.

Please PBR responsibly.

November 10, 2015

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 7

The latest video in the Grit & Grain series from Goose Island on their legendary Bourbon County Stout is right here for your enjoyment:

The Hardest Part Is Waiting - Chapter 7

"Brewing Bourbon County Stout is a rapid, chaotic endeavor, the process of which spans a few days. The real wait begins when brewers place the imperial stout into its wooden confines, the bourbon barrel. There it rests, seeps in and out of the staves with the changing of the seasons. The hot Chicago summer swells the wood drawing the beer into its bourbon soaked pours, the cold Chicago winters tighten the wood, squeezing the beer back into the barrel. The Goose Island Barrel House is an expansive, quiet place. A cavernous library of bourbon barrels with zero climate control. The occasional forklift passes by, but for the most part the Barrel House is a departure from the hustle and bustle of the brewery. A few times a month, the warehouse will liven up when its time to empty the barrels on the processing floor. Only then do the brewers know if the year of waiting was all in vain."

November 6, 2015

Take A Walk On The Hop Side

Wow, what a day yesterday! I walked around 6 miles total, visited and drank beers at 6 open breweries and checked out progress on the 2 not yet open, ate some great food, saw plenty of friends and basically just had a great day wandering the streets of downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock. This will only get better as both breweries-in-construction are almost ready to open. Get out your walking shoes and join me next time.

Here's the Twitter feed, all in 1 handy spot for you...

November 5, 2015

Hopstories: Oregon's Hop Harvest

Really nice video from Hopstories I thought I'd share. I wish I could smell what they're smelling in a lot of these scenes. 
"Hop harvest in Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a family affair. For generations, Oregon farmers have taken to the fields for the month of harvest, rotating shifts, schedules, and fields to make sure each hop variety is harvested at the correct time."

Produced by:
Music licensed through Marmoset Music.
Aerials by BirdsEyeImaging -

November 1, 2015

November Arkansas Untappd Update

It's time for that exciting moment when I go check out all the brewery pages on Untappd and let you know which Arkansas breweries are racking up the check-ins. Why you ask? Hell I don't know, it's just sort of fun I think. Stop asking questions! Just go with and nod politely.

Diamond Bear - 18,598 (524)
Core Brewery - 17,974 (600)
Ozark Brew Co. - 9,106 (420) 
Fossil Cove - 7,772 (217)
Lost Forty Brewing - 7,120 (634)
Saddlebock - 7,032 (135)
Apple Blossom - 6,333 (211)
Stone's Throw Brewing - 4,268 (183)
Vinos Brew Pub - 2,317 (38)
Bike Rack Brewing - 1,923 (98)
West Mountain - 1,852 (32)
Superior Bathhouse - 1,661 (186)
Moody Brews - 1,537 (52)
Blue Canoe Brewing Co - 1,413 (105)
Bentonville Brewing Co - 884 (173)
Columbus House - 739 (75)
Damgoode Brews - 644 (55)
Foster's Pint & Plate - 373 (54)
Black Apple Crossing - 232 (24)
Bubba Brew's - 158 (29)
Gravity Brew Works - 103 (4)
Flyway Brewing - 91 (-)
Brick Oven - 71 (13)
Leap Of Faith - 21 (2)

So what did we learn? Well...

* Diamond Bear continues hold on the top spot, but Core closed the gap a little more.

* Bike Rack moved up 1 spot past West Mountain.

* Lost Forty moved up 2 spots past Saddlebock and Apple Blossom and are now in the top 5.

* Superior Bathhouse moved past both Blue Canoe and Moody Brews.

* Lots of scrambling in the lower half for position. Bubba Brews is getting lots more check-ins and Brick Oven has picked it up since they got a few taps around central Arkansas and raised their game.

In the next edition I expect a big jump from Flyway Brewing, as hopefully they'll be getting their new space open soon, and it won't be long before Rebel Kettle makes an appearance and begins their climb. Aided a lot by yours truly of course.

Lastly, I'll be adding to all 6 Little Rock area breweries (Central Arkansas Hop District y'all!!) on Thursday with a brewery crawl: 5+ miles of walking, 6 breweries, lots of beer and fun.

Now go check in some brews!

October 31, 2015

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 6

Here's the latest in Goose Island's outstanding Grit & Grain Series of videos on their Bourbon County Stout.  

A Standard In The Industry - Chapter 6: 

"Bourbon County Stout is a torch that has been lit for many years, the brewers of Goose Island are tasked with keeping the torch they been passed, aflame. The Russian imperial stout is a daunting beer to brew and asks a lot of both brewers and their equipment. From the brewhouse to the cellar, the beer can be a volatile and unpredictable. Two to three days a week are now spent brewing Bourbon County Stout. The massive malt bill is entirely hand loaded, bag by bag into the hopper. From there, the mash mixer gets entirely filled two times to equal one kettle-full volume. After four hours of boiling, The wort is transferred to the cellar tanks. Filling one tank takes six turns, All of which is fermenting rapidly the entire time. The beer is then tinkered off to the Goose Island Barrel House on Chicago’s west side where the Imperial Stout will be aged in Bourbon Barrels to take on a whole new life. "

Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2015

New Belgium Brewing + Ben & Jerry's = Business as a force for good

"Ben & Jerry's and New Belgium Brewing Co. have been climate activists for many years. After all, ice cream is best served frozen, and nothing compares to an ice-cold beer.

We know that we're stronger together than we are apart. That's why we've joined forces to create two new products: a beer, Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, and an ice-cream flavor, Salted Caramel Brownie Ale.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of both will go to Protect Our Winters (POW), an organization founded in 2007 by snowboarder Jeremy Jones to spur the snow sports community to action."

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 5

Here's the latest in Goose Island's outstanding Grit & Grain Series of videos on their Bourbon County Stout.

The Barrel Never Dies - Chapter 5

"Bourbon making has two distinct stages. Distillation and aging. The beginning stages of making the mash for whiskey are similar to making the mash for beer. So much so, that the whiskey industry term for the fermented mash is beer. The distillation of grains to make whiskey is a practice that traces back to America’s European roots. The act of placing whiskey into charred barrels however, is uniquely American. The whiskey ages in the barrel anywhere from three to twenty-five years depending on the brand of Bourbon. By law, the Bourbon industry can only use new American white oak barrels. The byproduct of this mandate is a surplus of used Bourbon barrels with plenty of flavor still within the staves. Unlike most beer that you can enjoy in a few short weeks Distillers won’t see the labor of their work for 2-23 years."

October 22, 2015

Ask John: Inspiration, Homebrewing & Brewing Tips

Fun stuff here as Rogue's John Maier tells us what inspired him to start brewing, his relationship with homebrewers, how to brew a peanut butter banana porter and how to brew with mango.

October 20, 2015

I'm Running McNellie's Pub Run

I signed up for my first "beer run" of any type this week. I'm going to do the McNellie's Pub Run in Tulsa on Nov. 7th.

So it's pretty simple: run a mile, chug a Guinness, run a mile, chug a Guinness, run a mile, chug a Guinness, run a mile to the finish. Which is actually at McNellie's Pub and you get a free beer! So yeah, this should rock. Also I may puke. 4 miles, 3 beers. While wearing a kilt. Hey that's not in the rules I just sort of want to wear a kilt I guess.

Beer run!

Victory Hop Wallop To Return in November!

Over the past 20 years, we've certainly brewed a lot of beers. Some come and go, and some are only brewed for a short time, never to be seen again...until now!

October 19, 2015

Behind the Brew - Summit Unchained 20: Sticke Alt

My wife and I are both huge fans of the last beer in Summit's Unchained Series, #19 Make It So. It's an Earl Grey Tea ESB and we're rolling through cans of it regularly and I even still have some #18 around, the Hop Silo Imperial IPA. In short, I love this f'n series. They've announced #20 in this awesome series now as well. See below:

Brewer (and lederhosen fan) Mike Lundell introduces his new Sticke Alt, the twentieth release in Summit's Unchained Series.

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 4

Part 4 of this awesome Grit & Grain Series from Goose Island posted below. Catch up with the first 3 by clicking here.

You just don't teach that overnight - Chapter 4

Considered a dying industry 50 years ago, barrel coopering is once again a booming business. Though technology has improved the industry, barrel making still very much relies on the highly skilled and very human profession of barrel coopering. And like a human fingerprint, no barrel is the same. Each stave is unique and each one fits together like a puzzle. The fact that a cooper can assemble a consistent product demonstrates the craftsmanship that goes into building a watertight barrel that can withstand the flux of the seasons. This isn’t a process you can teach overnight and after watching how many steps go into making the perfect barrel you can see why.

October 10, 2015

The Story Of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 3

Here's the 3rd chapter in Goose Island's "Grit & Grain" series, this time talking about logging the White Oak trees in the Ozarks of Missouri.

All They've Ever Known Is Logging - Chapter 3

"The Bourbon industry requires a massive supply of new barrels. That requires an equally massive supply of timber. The type of wood used for bourbon barrels is important to the quality and flavor of the spirit. Mandated by law, the spirit must be aged in new American White Oak to be legally clarified bourbon. The majority of white oak forested for use in bourbon barrels is grown in the hills of the Ozarks. On average, it takes around 80-100 years for a white oak tree to grow to the size it needs to be logged. Many communities throughout the region rely on the logging of white oak as a vital part of the local economy. To ensure the sustained growth of the forests, loggers take great care in responsibly foresting. By doing so, another generation can continue the tradition of logging."

October 9, 2015

Plenty Of Family Fun, Food and Beer At Inaugural Arktoberfest

In the South, a lot of people associate football with the cooler temperatures and leaves falling, but my thoughts lately turn to a new fall classic. I'm talking about the beer festival. You can find one around the South pretty much every weekend in September and October and in Arkansas there are several new ones to choose from lately. One of the new kids on the block is coming up this Saturday in Arkadelphia, the inaugural Arktoberfest Craft Beer Festival and Catfish Cookout.

But this festival is shaping up to be about a whole lot more than just catfish and beer, even though I'd be fine if it were just those two things. Attendees of this family friendly festival will get to eat a catfish dinner and enjoy plenty of fun activities like a 5K race, trampoline bungees, climbing walls, human foosball, Nerf wars, laser skeet, pumpkin catapults, live music, trike races, a beard competition and even the state's largest ever cupcake mosaic. Yes, Lauren Byrd of Sugar Belle Sweets is preparing a mosaic of 3,200 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the festival, which she and a team of volunteers will be assembling throughout the day to be eaten that evening.

But lets get back to the beer for a moment. Homebrewers from across the state will compete for $1,000 in cash prizes (and the satisfaction of a job well done) in the AHA/BJCP-sanctioned Arktoberfest Challenge Homebrew Competition, using the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. But, if you're more into drinking the beer than making it yourself, here's your solid line-up of Arkansas breweries 21-and-over attendees can sample:

Apple Blossom Brewing Company
Asana Alehouse
Blood Eagle Brewing Company
Bubba Brew’s Brewing Company
Core Brewing Company
Damgood Pies River Market
Diamond Bear Brewing Company
Fossil Cove Brewing Co.
Lost Forty Brewing
Moody Brews
Ozark Beer Company
Saddlebock Brewery
Slate Rock Brewing
Stone’s Throw Brewing

Your Beer and Catfish ticket or a Beer Only ticket and receives 15 tokens in a souvenir pouch, each of which is redeemable for a 3-oz sample of beer, 1.5-oz sample of wine, or 1/4-oz samples of spirits (Rock Town Distillery will be there).

Gates open at 9:45 am. Beer sampling begins at 10 am. Last call is at 9 pm. The festival site closes at 10 pm.

Check out their website for plenty more information:


October 3, 2015

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 2

I'm loving this series on one of my all-time favorite beers, Bourbon County Stout, from Goose Island. I posted Part 1 last week and here's chapter 2 for you to enjoy:
"Chicago Bar Manager Phil Olson has a deep affinity for bourbon, and the knowledge to back it up. Phil clarifies what distinguishes bourbon from whiskey and clears any other common myths. Bourbon is America’s only native spirit, the history of which is intertwined with the history of the country as it expanded westward. In addition to a layered and complex spirit, the Bourbon industry has another byproduct that’s in high demand, charred American White Oak barrels. Today the bourbon and beer industries have crossed paths. Needless to say, Bourbon County Stout owes everything to the men and women of the Bourbon industry."
Music by The Black Oil Brothers:

October 2, 2015

Interview on KARN Today

Did a little chatting about Rebel Kettle, fall beers and the Arkansas beer scene in general this morning on KARN Newsradio. I didn't get much time to work in all the things I wanted to say, as usual (you know how I like to talk), but I got in a bit. 
I did screw up by not coming up with any central Arkansas pumpkin beers off the top of my head other than RedRumPum from Rebel Kettle as Stone's Throw has a Pumpkin Pie Porter coming out. I actually had it a few times last year even. Hey, live radio, no script.


September 30, 2015

October Is A Busy Month at Stone's Throw Brewing

There are several things you can always count on from the crew at Stone's Throw Brewing... good beer, fun events and a whole lot of hustle. October is no exception so here's you a handy to-do list for the month, try to keep up:

Every Wednesday: $1 off all pints

Every Saturday at 4:00pm: Randall Beer Infusion

Every Sunday: Kickball Specials & Beer To Go

Thursday, October 1, 6:30pm 
#ArkiePubTrivia hosted by the Arkansas Arts Center, Brewery Taproom

Friday, October 2, 4:00-10:00pm
#NewBrew Friday Release of Big Dam Horn O'Plenty & Pumpkin Pie Porter

Saturday, October 3, 11:00am-4:00pm 
Forrest City Downtown Music & Art Festival

Monday, October 5, 3:00-6:00pm
Barton Bitter Happy Hour with the Arkansas State Fair, Boston's Sports Bar

Tuesday, October 6, 6:00-8:00pm
Faith & Fermentation, Brewery Taproom

Wednesday, October 7, 3:00pm
Rare Beer Tapping of Barrel Aged Anniversary Stout, Raduno Brick Oven

Thursday, October 8, 6:30pm
#ArkiePubTrivia hosted by Stephen Koch of Arkansongs, Brewery Taproom

Friday, October 9, 5:00-9:00pm
Second Friday Art Night presented by the Arkansas Brewers Guild Featuring Fossil Cove, Historic Arkansas Museum

Saturday, October 10
Arktoberfest in Arkadelphia

Saturday, October 10, 5:00-9:00pm
German Dinner & Beer Garden, St. Edward’s Catholic Church

Sunday, October 11, 10:00am-3:00pm
Oktoberfest Carnival, St. Edward's Catholic Church

Sunday, October 11, 12:00-9:00pm
Arkansas Brewers Guild Beer Gardens, Dickson St. Oktoberfest, Fayetteville

Thursday, October 15, 5:30-7:30pm
Locally Labelled Kick Off, River Market Pavilion

Thursday, October 15, 6:30pm
#ArkiePubTrivia hosted by the Old State House Musuem, Brewery Taproom

Saturday, October 17, 11:00am-7:00pm
HarvestFest Beer Garden, Corner of Kavanagh & Beechwood Sts.

Monday, October 19, 6:30-9:30pm
Arkansas Chamber Singers Beers & Cheers, Brewery Taproom

Tuesday, October 20, 6:30pm
Beer Pairing Dinner, The Southern Gourmasian

Thursday, October 22, 6:30pm
#ArkiePubTrivia hosted by the Museum of Discovery, Brewery Taproom

Thursday, October 22, 5:30-8:30pm
Fountain Fest, Arkansas Arts Center

Friday, October 23, 6:00-9:00pm
Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival, Argenta Farmers' Market

Saturday, October 24, 1:00-7:00pm
Texarkana Okotberfest

Thursday, October 29, 6:30pm
#ArkiePubTrivia Hosted by Arkansas Repertory Theatre

Friday, October 30, 5:00-9:00pm
Balloon Glow & Mac-O-Lanterns Arkansas Brewers Guild Beer Garden, MacArthur Park

Friday, October 30, 6:00-9:00pm
Science After Dark, Museum of Discovery

September 28, 2015

Beer of The Week: Oskar Blues IPA

When I heard Oskar Blues had a new IPA out I thought I knew exactly what to expect, but upon hitting it a few times I realized it was not what I expected at all and a pretty complex IPA. It's got a huge nose, light body, clocks in at 6.5% abv, big tropical fruit hop kick and I found it to just have incredible drinkability.

It uses all Australian hop varieties: Ella, which has spicy, floral notes, along with stone fruit flavors; Topaz, which has some of the piney, dank notes that American hops have; Vic Secret, an unusual hop that imparts earthy aromas, along with passion fruit and tropical notes; and Enigma, which offers raspberry and melon flavors and aromas.

And for good measure and since it wouldn't be an Oskar Blues beer without a pot reference, “Blue Dream” printed on the side of the can (a strain of marijuana). I wouldn't expect anything less.

 "Get the behind the scenes story of how #OBIPA came to life and find out everything you wanna know about this Australian hopped motha..."

September 26, 2015

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 1

Some great stuff coming out from Goose Island on the history behind one of my favorite beers, their Bourbon Country Stout. I'll share them all here, starting with Chapter 1 today...
"In 1992 Greg Hall, wanted to brew something truly unique for the brewpub’s 1,000th batch, he just needed inspiration. Then a chance encounter between Greg and Jim Beam’s Booker Noe led to Goose Island acquiring the barrels for what was to become the world’s first bourbon barrel aged beer. The young brewmaster soon found himself in the uncharted waters of bourbon barrel aged beer.

Thank you to John and Hall for having the vision and grit needed to open a brewery in a time when the concept of craft beer was novel. Thank you to Greg Hall for looking at a used bourbon barrel and seeing a second life. Going back into the original Brewpub with Greg as he flipped through old brewing logs and told us about first time he brewed Bourbon County was an experience the team will never forget."
Thanks for watching the first chapter in the story of Bourbon County Stout. Chapters released every Friday starting September 25th:

Music by The Black Oil Brothers

Follow Us Here:

September 22, 2015

Drink Victory Headwaters, Save The Planet

Victory Brewing Company Re-launches Headwaters Ale in Cans as Part of Water Preservation Initiative

Downingtown, PA, September 22, 2015- Victory Brewing Company (Victory) is re-launching the popular Headwaters Ale with a new look, national distribution and strengthened commitment to environmental stewardship. A portion of every Headwaters Ale sold in cans, bottles or on tap will be donated to the Headwaters Grant to help fund watershed stewardship groups. Over the next year Victory endeavors to raise $25,000 and help craft beer fans make the connection that choosing Headwaters Ale, is more than just a taste preference, it is a decision to help preserve the planet one sip at a time.

In addition to the increased distribution, which will provide a larger funding source for the Headwaters Grant, Victory will host events throughout the year to raise money and awareness for clean water issues.  On September 20, over 250 running advocates enjoyed a frosty brew at the finish line at the Downingtown, PA brewpub with all proceeds from the Victory’s Run for The Headwaters 5K benefitting the Headwaters Grant.  A river clean-up is also planned for spring.

About the new look: The crisp, delicious and aromatically whole flower hopped liquid carries on; however it will be showcased and packaged in a stylish, authentically new way.  Inclusive of a bold, strategic and dramatic move from bottle to can, the clever new label visually reflects the two main focuses of the entire brand concept. Found under the strong and ubiquitous red “V” lays a lush, beautiful river scene depicted within a single water droplet to signify the need to sustain earth’s most valued resource. However, upon further inspection or at first glance (depending on who one asks), that very same droplet visually depicts a whole flower hop in which the beer, and its craft brewery also heavily rely.

About the Headwaters Grant: As a sustainable life source, it is critical to keep water and watersheds clean, not just locally in Chester County, PA, but across the country. Five years ago, the Headwaters Grant was established as a way to support this idea and preserve the natural resource from which all Victory beers ‘spring.’ To date, Victory has donated $35,000 to local water advocacy groups. Prior to September 1, 2015, this donation has been made up of Victory’s contribution of sales in the five counties of Philadelphia.  As Victory approaches 20 years in the craft beer industry, the brewery’s commitment to environmental stewardship is at an all time high. Victory will now donate a portion of all Headwaters Ale sales nationally to the Headwaters Grant, and local wholesale partners including as Gretz Beer Company and Penn Beer Company will also be contributing a portion of all Headwaters Ale sales. That, along with a series of fundraising events, promises to increase funding for the Headwaters Grant and sustain the water that provides sustenance to the planet and great craft beer.

Headwaters Ale is available year round throughout the brewery’s 36 state distribution footprint, with a suggested retail price for six-pack of 12-oz cans is approximately $9.99. Pricing will vary slightly based upon location. Use Victory’s Beerfinder to discover a nearby location, or download the free Victory Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

“Everything, including ourselves, would cease to exist without clean water for sustenance. Many people act as though they are unaware of that fact and remain unaware of the true power their purchasing decisions wield,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “We hope to reinforce that when fans choose Headwaters Ale they aren’t just proving their good taste through a flavorful beer choice, but are also supporting a way of life that sustains our brewery as well as this planet for generations to come. They really are helping save the planet one beer at a time.”

About Victory Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company is a craft brewery headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Founded by childhood friends, Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, Victory officially opened its doors in February of 1996. In addition to the original Downingtown brewery and brewpub, Victory recently opened a second state-of-the-art brewery in Parkesburg, PA to expand production capabilities and serve fans of fully flavored beers in 36 states with innovative beers melding European ingredients and technology with American creativity. 

To learn more about Victory Brewing Company visit us on the web at

Ozark Beer Co: Cream Stout in a Can

Ozark Brewing Company is Rogers is one of those breweries that's making such solid brews I'm proud to take them with me on road trips to share with my beer brethren. I know they're consistently delivering quality liquids that will be enjoyed by all the beer geeks I hang out with as I brag that they're from Arkansas. So I can't say how happy I am that they've canned another brew! I'm looking forward to proudly sharing this one as well, not to mention quaffing up a ton of it myself. Here's some more on their latest canned offering, Cream Stout.

Ozark Beer Company: "Known for notes of roasty dark chocolate, coffee and dark fruit, our Cream Stout has finally made it into a can. The can features an Arkansas buffalo standing in the river of the same name."

September 20, 2015

Beer Of The Week: Boulevard Funky Pumpkin

My pick for Beer of The Week this week is a beer which for all practical purposes I'd think we could get all over the place here in central Arkansas, but I'll be damned if I've found it here yet. I did however find some in Florida on a recent road trip and it blew me away. Here's the description on the Boulevard website:

Funky Pumpkin – Spiced Sour Ale
Slated for an early September release in six packs of 12 ounce bottles and on draft, Funky Pumpkin is our unique spin on a pumpkin beer. Spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and ginger, the final beer is a blend of brewhouse soured beer and beer aged in a stainless steel tank with brettanomyces. Tart and slightly earthy, Funky Pumpkin features a subtle toffee/caramel malt character that allows pumpkin pie spices to shine.

ABV – 5.8% IBU – 28 

My thoughts? I found enough pumpkin pie spiciness to satisfy on that level with a really pleasant and some Brettanomyces bringin' the funk. It's got a dry finish I thought, making me instantly want another, which is something I rarely do with these "pumpkin style" beers. I'm a big fan of this one and want more. Soon.

And please save all your pumpkin beer hate. It falls on deaf ears here.

Rate Beer link
Beer Advocate link
Untappd link

September 19, 2015

New To Arkansas: Public House Brewing Co.

With all the social media these days, I'm not sure how distributors are letting these breweries get into our state without anybody knowing, but they sure seem to be still. Or maybe I've just missed this one. But hey, that's why I started this blog and my Twitter feed to begin with... to get beer information to the thirsty! And for free! So here's the skinny on a brewery from my 2nd favorite state, Missouri, which I just spotted on the shelves this past week. Check out Public House Brewing, which has 2 locations in both Rolla and St. James, in the wonderful show-me-state. It's already home to some of my favorite breweries like Piney River, Mother's, Urban Chestnut, Four Hands and Boulevard and just FYI... I was born there (Missouri, not at a brewery). 
I do know they'll be pouring at Little Rocktoberfest in Little Rock tonight if you want to try out some of their brews. I've seen Revelation Stout, Rod's Cream Ale, Elusive IPA and Hide And Seek Hefe on shelves and will be having my own private tasting soon. I'm personally not a big fan of trying new beers at festivals, preferring to sit down with a full brew and take my time rather than tossing back 3 oz and moving on to the next one. I see the stout won a Gold Medal at the 2015 LA International Beer Festival and the cream ale won a Gold Medal at 2015 Best of Craft Beer Awards. Let me know your thoughts if you try some yourself.

There's a great story about how Public House Brewing came together on their website which is well worth a read:

"In 2010, Josh & Beth Stacy and Josh & Trisha Goodridge--longtime
friends--opened Public House Brewing Company in Rolla, MO, the town's first brewpub.  But it was a long, long time in the works.  Like any business, there were big ups and downs on the road to the first pour and we think that story is worth sharing.  So here goes.... click here for full story."

And here's a nice little introductory video I found on their website for you peeps who don't like to read (you know who you are):

"The good folks at the Missouri Division of Tourism spent the day with us back in May to get the Public House experience. Missouri is home to so many great breweries and they chose a few to represent the state on their website. Public House is one of the featured breweries. Check out the awesome write-up and YouTube video they put together about us."

September 13, 2015

Beer Song Countdown: Number 5

Admit it, you thought I forgot about my Top 10 Beer Songs countdown didn't you? Well, you're correct, I actually did. My wife remembered and asked me what I ever named #1 and I said, and I quote, "Um, what are you talking about?" But fortunately I just clicked on the handy hashtag that says "Beer Song Countdown" and presto... back in the game.

What has gone before:

 So that brings us to #5, about 7 months later! It's by a dude I'd really like to drink a beer with, Eric Church. Another country song, it's about a man who seems to be more upset that the woman who left him took a beer with her, instead of being upset that she left. Crack one open and play it.

Eric Church - Cold One

"That was a cold one
I never will get back
Yeah she had to leave, did she have to leave me one beer
Short of a twelve pack?"

Beer of the Week: Sierra Nevada/Brauhaus Riegele Oktoberfest

I try a whole lot of different beers, as my Untappd account will attest to, and I'm not talking about sharing a 12 oz bottle 4 ways or getting a sampler. When I try a beer for real, it's a bottle or a pint and often I'll visit it several times before I feel I can really evaluate it properly. Maybe it depends on the setting or the mood I'm in or whatever, I just can't see how people can drink 3 oz of a beer then tell you everything about it and rate it and all (I don't actually rate until my 5th visit to it). Beer drinking and beer love to me is getting to know beers, and sometimes my love for a beer isn't all about the taste or color or nose, but the memories. But I guess all this is a whole other post. This post is about my new feature.... *drumroll*... my Beer of the Week! *crowd goes mild*

Well, I figure there has to be a way to pass on some of my favorites I run across. There'll be locals, regionals, imports... I don't believe in limiting tastes according to location. So without further adieu, I present my first choice:

Sierra Nevada/Brauhaus Riegele Collaboration Oktoberfest!

You can find this pretty much everywhere you find regular Sierra Nevada releases, which is everywhere in America it seems. had some this weekend and in my opinion it's just a damn near perfect Marzen brew. I was so pleased with it I hit the Googles to see what others were saying about it and noticed Men's Journal has called it "the world's best Oktoberfest" as well. It's got a rich malty flavor that makes me think of Fall, from many years of seeking this style out around this time of year. It smells like tailgating and leaves falling. I can't wait to pair this with my kraut and brats.

Seek this! And tell me your thoughts. Here's your primer:

The Perfect Oktoberfest Partners: Sierra Nevada & Brauhaus Riegele

"We partnered with one of Germany’s oldest breweries—Brauhaus Riegele—to create a true festival beer unlike any other brewed in the USA. When knowledge, passion and the right people come together, a great beer emerges. More at"

August 23, 2015

Victory Festbier, A Classic Märzen

Putting all the ridiculous "seasonal creep" arguments aside (it's just beer for the love of Sam!), I'm always excited when the pumpkin beers and Märzen hit the taps. I wouldn't care personally if they were both year round, but it is sort of fun to have to wait on them I guess. A new Märzen for me this year will be from a brewery that we just landed in the state this year, Victory Brewing. Check out more on their version, called Festbier, then go find you some.

From Victory:

"Some people say that a lager is nothing to throw a party over. Ever hear of something called Oktoberfest? 

We think some people have never tried our Festbier. Märzenbier (March beer) was the last reliably brewed style of beer in the time before refrigeration, so casks of this malty amber lager would sit in underground caves until September when brewing could start back up again. Now, what is a brewer to do when there’s so much beer to be brewed, but no cellar space to store it? Well, clearly, we need to clear out the cellar! Thus, Oktoberfest was born: a fantastic excuse to drink all that delicious stored Märzen. For our Festbier, we don’t think you need to have a terribly good excuse to throw a party, but throwing a party does make for a pretty good excuse to celebrate with a well-made lager! Celebrate #YourVictory…celebrate Festbier!"

August 20, 2015

Festival Season Is Upon Us!

It seems a bit cooler outside so I thought maybe it's a good time to bring up one of the best things about this time of the year, beer festivals! Along with Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers, fall beer festivals just go perfectly with the season of football and playoff baseball to me. We've got a few on deck to keep up with so here's a handy list I'm trying to put together. I can keep updating this so send me additions. I know there's some stuff in Northwest Arkansas I can't remember at the moment.

Sept 12th: Oktoberfest in the Ozarks (Springfield, MO)
Sept 19th: Little Rocktoberfest (Little Rock)
Oct 3rd: Downtown Rogers Oktoberfest (Rogers, AR)
Oct 3rd: McNellies Harvest Beer Festival (Tulsa, OK)
Oct 3rd: 2nd Annual Oktoberfest Memphis
Oct 10th: Arktoberfest (Arkadelphia)
Oct 17th: Cooper-Young Beerfest (Memphis, TN)
Oct 17th: Fest of Ale (Fort Smith, AR)
Oct 23rd: Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival (North Little Rock)
Oct 24h : Oktoberfest (Texarkana)
Nov 21st: Ozark Beerfest 2015 (Springfield)

(last updated 9/9)

And here are some handy tips for you newbs... Top Tips on Surviving Craft Beer Festivals via The Craft Beer Channel:

"Ironic given Jonny nearly kills himself every festival, but here are his top tips on getting the most from those hallowed halls filled with beer. Filmed at the London Craft Beer Festival 2015."

August 18, 2015

Summit Unchained 19: Make It So

Here comes another beer in Summit Brewing's Unchained Series, which has already provided us with some recent favorites like Herkulean Woods and Hop Silo. This one is an ESB infused with Earl Grey tea, much like our local friend Mr. Josiah Moody at Moody Brews brewed with Apple Blossom Brewing Co. last year, the delicious Earl Grey ESB. I'm curious to see how this one stacks up.

Check out more info:

"Brewer Nick Hempfer introduces his first Unchained Series beer, the nineteenth in the series, called Make It So. Inspired by Nick's love for science fiction, Make It So is an ESB style ale infused with Earl Grey tea."

August 16, 2015

Arkansas Untappd Update

I haven't checked the Arkansas brewery totals on Untappd for a bit so I thought hey what the heck. Let's see what's going on with our awesome brewery scene in the natural state.

To refresh you, these are just the total check-ins for the brewery, followed by their "monthly" check-ins. So let's get to it!

New adds this month: Bubba Brews (Bonnerdale), Brick Oven (Harrison), Black Apple Crossing (cidery in Springdale), Columbus House and Leap of Faith. No Rebel Kettle yet as I'm waiting on them to open the doors (hopefully this Fall!). You say "well Leap of Faith hasn't opened their doors!" and I say yes, but they're selling at Stone's Throw Brewing taproom often.

Diamond Bear - 16,782 (435)
Core Brewery - 15,855 (729)
Ozark Brew Co. - 7,639 (629) 
Fossil Cove - 6,976 (308)
Saddlebock - 6,416 (275)
Apple Blossom - 5,712 (236)
Lost Forty Brewing - 5,145 (579)
Stone's Throw Brewing - 3,647 (194)
Vinos Brew Pub - 2,147 (38)
West Mountain - 1,758 (76)
Bike Rack Brewing - 1,394 (186)
Moody Brews - 1,330 (43)
Blue Canoe Brewing Co - 1,057 (106)
Superior Bathhouse - 1,008 (101)
Columbus House - 554 (73)
Damgoode Brews - 528 (58)
Bentonville Brewing Co - 405 (133)
Foster's Pint & Plate - 227 (47)
Black Apple Crossing - 110 (67)
Flyway Brewing - 89 (2)
Gravity Brew Works - 89 (12)
Brick Oven - 34 (5)
Bubba Brew's - 22 (11)
Leap Of Faith - 17 (0)

And there you go! Diamond Bear still leads the total but Core, Ozark and Lost Forty are the top 3 monthly totals again.

Other notes:

* I personally got to add to Bentonville Brewing, Black Apple Crossing, Fossil Cover and Bike Rack Brewing with a quick visit to the northwest corner last weekend. Fun places, solid liquids. Trying to get down to Bubba Brews any time now.

* It's still sort of amazing to me that Lost Forty is only in Pulaski county with those totals.

* If you wonder where you can get Brick Oven's brews, Old Chicago in NLR has their Dirty Sally blonde on tap.

Don't like the results? My tip to you my friend is sign-up for Untappd, like all of the craft beer drinkers in America pretty much are, and cast your votes with some $$. I always enjoy checking in an Arkansas beer, makes me sort of proud.

July 22, 2015

Fox 16 Covers Arkansas Brewers Guild Conference

I have to admit, I recorded this shakey version of the coverage on a whim after rewinding it when I saw myself on the video a couple of times. But hey, at least I do have the coverage! I waited but never saw it uploaded to their website so you see I've saved this from extinction possibly and added it to the Interwebs!

It was a really fun day and I look forward to this yearly event getting better and better each year. The Arkansas beer scene (hey, they'd be a great name for a blog!) is becoming a player with plenty of great breweries and beers now thanks to some very talented people, like the ones who attended this.


Stone’s Throw Brewing to Hold Block Party Aug 1st

July 21, 2015

Annual “Block on Rock” Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Helps Charities

Little Rock, AR, July 21, 2015– Local neighborhood nano-brewery Stone’s Throw announced details for their second annual Block on Rock Birthday Bash today. On Saturday, August 1 from 3:00-10:00pm the 2013 opening of the brewery taproom will be celebrated with a street festival involving local food trucks, breweries, bands, artisanal vendors, and community groups. The event supports Preserve Arkansas, but this year will also benefit dozens of other local causes.

“Last year’s Block on Rock was a huge success, and we love giving back to the community.  Usually a festival as big is this would charge all the vendors to set up, but we wanted to take a different approach. So instead of vendor fees we’re asking everyone who is participating to give back to the cause of their choice."  ~ Ian Beard, Co-owner Stone’s Throw Brewing

Admission to the block party will be $5. Discounted armbands can be purchased ahead of time at the Stone’s Throw taproom for $3. A quarter of gate revenue and Stone’s Throw sales will be donated to Preserve Arkansas. At the first Block on Rock in 2014, $3000 was raised for the group.

“Preserve Arkansas works to build stronger communities by reconnecting Arkansans to our heritage and empowering people to save and rehabilitate historic places. Stone’s Throw has supported this mission both through their help with Preserve Arkansas’ projects and the work they’ve done on their own historic building. We are excited to be partnering with them for a second year on the Block on Rock Birthday Bash! ” ~ Vanessa Norton McKuin, Executive Director Preserve Arkansas

The first Block on Rock in 2014 was attended by over 1200 people, a number much higher than expected. In response to the event’s popularity, organizers have added a second block to accommodate more people, food trucks, and vendors. A stage has been added for the musical acts, a variety of local beer and cocktail choices will be available, and more necessities like porta-potties have been planned.

“Last year was crazy. We sold more food in a couple of hours at Block on Rock than we did the whole time we were at Riverfest. This year there will be more trucks, and I think we’re all planning on serving big numbers. After the Main Street Food Truck Festival this is probably the most trucks you’re going to find in one place.” ~ Justin Patterson, Owner The Southern Gourmasian

This year both the 800 block of Rock Street, located immediately west of the brewery, and the 300 block of E 8th Street will be closed off for the event. Entrance gates will be located at 9th and Rock Streets and 8th and Scott Streets, and participants are encouraged to bring chairs. The stage will be located on Rock Street, which is shaded in the afternoon; Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu will perform at 4:00pm followed by the Big Dam Horns at 7:00pm. Fifteen different food trucks will set up along 8th Street while six local beer & cocktail vendors will be in the parking lot behind the brewery. The brewery taproom will be open for festival goers as well.

“The response last year completely took us by surprise, so we’ve been working on improving things for the second Block on Rock ever since. We’ve been stock piling beer at the brewery for months in preparation. Along with all the great food and beers, we’ve got a stage this year with two local favorites: The Big Dam Horns, and Cindy Woolf & Mark Bilyeu. We can’t wait!”  ~ Theron Cash, Co-Owner Stone’s Throw Brewing

Stone’s Throw Brewing is the product of four guys—Theron Cash, Brad McLaurin, Shawn Tobin and Ian Beard—who met in the local home brew club, the Central Arkansas Fermenters. After doing most of the work themselves to turn a century old building in Little Rock’s MacArthur Park Historic District into a production facility, they began brewing operations on July 4, 2013 and opened a taproom on August 1, 2013. Stone’s Throw Brewing specializes in small-batch, artisanal beers that are both creative and drinkable.

The Stone’s Throw Brewing tap room is open to the public Wednesday-Thursday, 4:00-9:00 pm, Friday 4:00-10:00pm, Saturday 12:00-10:00 pm, and Sunday 11:00 am-8:00 pm. The tap room features different food trucks each day and offers all night happy hour on Wednesdays, #ArkiePubTrivia at 6:30pm on Thursdays, new beer releases every first Friday of the month, free brewery tours at 1:00pm and beer infusions at 4:00pm on Saturdays, and beer to go on Sundays. Current beer selection, food truck schedules, and upcoming events can be found at, on Facebook at StonesThrowBrewing, Twitter @stonesthrowbrew and Instagram @stonesthrowbrewing.

The following is a complete list of festival vendors and the causes they have chosen to support.

Black Hound BBQ, Jacksonville Boys and Girls Club
The Clean Eatery, Out of the Woods Animal Rescue
Solfood Catering Emporium, Southern Center for Agroecology
BEAST Food Truck, Diverse Youth for Social Change
Jackie's Mobile Cafe, Humane Society Of Pulaski County
Luncheria Mexicana Alicia, TBD
Waffle Wagon, Kanis Skatepark
Southern Gourmasian, Arkansas Rice Depot Food for Kids Program
Fork n the Road, Diverse Youth for Social Change
Katmandu MoMo, Nepal earthquake relief
Pie Hole, The Van
Hot Rod Wieners, Group Living, Inc
BBQ for Change, Arkansas Food Bank Network and Rice Depot
Loblolly Creamery, Lucie's Place
Slader's Alaskan Dumpling Co., Mission Machine

Stone's Throw Brewing, Preserve Arkansas
Rock Town Distillery, Preserve Arkansas
Ozark Beer Company, Arkansas Brewers Guild
Bubba Brew's Brewing Company, Arkansas Brewers Guild
Diamond Bear Brewing Co., Arkansas Brewers Guild
Lost 40 Brewing, Arkansas Brewers Guild

Homayd Natural Care Products, Heifer International
J. M. Stevens Knives, Wounded Warrior Project
ArkieStyle, Out of the Woods Animal Rescue

Groups & Causes:
Preserve Arkansas
Legends of Arkansas
Rock City Rescue
First Lutheran
St. Edward's Catholic
Local. Magazine
Bacon Fest
Little Rocktoberfest
First Presbyterian

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ian Beard at 501-908-1816 or email at