November 26, 2015

Ommegang Thankful for Beer 2015

Here's a cool video for Thanksgiving from one of my favorite breweries, Ommegang. Their new Rosetta was a favorite among new releases this year for me and of course Three Philosophers is one of my all-time faves. My wife and I attended one of their beer dinners at BJ's as well and it was one of the best we hit this year.

Brewery Ommegang: "The beers we're most thankful for, featuring members of the production and office teams."

November 25, 2015

What Happens When Craft Beer and Coffee Make a Baby in a Bourbon Barrel

Craft Beer + Coffee + Bourbon =

Victory Brewing Company’s Limited Release, Java Cask

Downingtown, PA,November 25, 2015- Victory Brewing Company (Victory) announces the arrival of Java Cask, a coffee-tinged bourbon barrel stout available this holiday season while supplies last. Beginning Thanksgiving-eve, a celebratory day dubbed Dark Wednesday, by Victory Brewing Company, based on the frenetic level of pre-holiday purchasing of craft beer and hostess gift requirements, Java Cask marks the fourth beer that has specifically and traditionally been created with this day in mind. A collaborative effort commemorating the long friendship with the founders of Philadelphia’s popular Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s restaurants, bourbon barrel-aged Java Cask is infused with deliciously warming, hand-roasted JB's Coffee.

A deeply complex chocolate malt-tinged stout, Java Cask was aged in bourbon barrels for six months, where it absorbed the blended flavors from the wood as well as the predecessor bourbon they once held. With rich body and hints of dark caramel, Victory partnered with William Reed of Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s, two iconic Philadelphia bars, to add toasty, roasted coffee flavors and aromas to the brew by infusing it with 240 pounds of JB's hand-roasted coffee beans. Java Cask is sold in 750 ml bottles and with an ABV of 14.3%; this marks the highest-octane beer Victory has produced to date.

Available in a limited run while supplies last, Java Cask can be purchased in bottle shops throughout Victory’s 37-state distribution footprint (with the exception of Ohio, New Hampshire, Alabama and Georgia due to ABV limitations) with a suggested retail price of $15.00.  Pricing will vary slightly based upon location. Use Victory’s Beerfinder to discover a nearby location, or download the free Victory Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

“Java Cask is a collaboration built on friendship. William Reed, and all our friends at Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s, have been terrific partners over the years and an integral part of Victory’s local success story,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “This is the perfect beer to share this holiday season, bringing friendships to life.”

“I couldn't be happier with this beer,” said William Reed Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s Co-Owner and longtime home brewer. “Java Cask is a complex beer with bittersweet dark chocolate notes and an intriguing coffee aroma.  Way smoother and more drinkable than the 14% alcohol would suggest.”

About Victory Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company is a craft brewery headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Founded by childhood friends, Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, who met on a school bus in 1973, Victory officially opened its doors in February of 1996. In addition to the original Downingtown brewery and brewpub, Victory recently opened a second state-of-the-art brewery in Parkesburg, PA to expand production capabilities and serve fans of fully flavored beers in 35 states with innovative beers melding European ingredients and technology with American creativity. 

To learn more about Victory Brewing Company visit us on the web at

November 22, 2015

November 14, 2015

The Story Of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 8

Here's the 8th video in the Goose Island Grit & Grain Series:

Each Sip Is Telling a Different Story - Chapter 8

"Bourbon County Stout is a beer that we are proud of and will always be eager to brew. Our brewers however, are innovators…restless tinkerers. They see Bourbon County Stout as a blank canvas rather than a finish product. They see the dark viscous stout as an avenue where countless other ingredients and flavors can live in countless combinations and added in a myriad of processes. Innovation is at the heart of Bourbon County Stout, so it only seems right to continue its legacy by encouraging every brewer to submit their recipe for our gift to Chicago, Proprietors."

November 11, 2015

Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents: The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Seems appropriate on Veteran's Day to post this awesome video from the good folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon. Enjoy. Credit are below video.

"At a time when the Vietnam War was at it's height, one man, John "Chickie" Donohue, snuck back into the war zone to find his 3 closest friends and buy them a beer.

Crazy or caring, Chickie gave his friends more than beer, he gave them hope. Hope that helped each one safely return home when the war was over. Now, 47 years later, the group is reunited to relive the greatest beer run ever."

Produced by Makuhari Media and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Directed by
Andrew J. Muscato

Produced by
Joanna Molloy
Andrew J. Muscato

Executive Producers
Bobby Valentine
Robert Musumeci

Director of Photography
Christopher Raymond

Christopher Huth

Music by
Alex Bilo & Jordan Dean

This video is dedicated to all of the men and women who have served our country.

Please PBR responsibly.

November 10, 2015

The Story of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Chapter 7

The latest video in the Grit & Grain series from Goose Island on their legendary Bourbon County Stout is right here for your enjoyment:

The Hardest Part Is Waiting - Chapter 7

"Brewing Bourbon County Stout is a rapid, chaotic endeavor, the process of which spans a few days. The real wait begins when brewers place the imperial stout into its wooden confines, the bourbon barrel. There it rests, seeps in and out of the staves with the changing of the seasons. The hot Chicago summer swells the wood drawing the beer into its bourbon soaked pours, the cold Chicago winters tighten the wood, squeezing the beer back into the barrel. The Goose Island Barrel House is an expansive, quiet place. A cavernous library of bourbon barrels with zero climate control. The occasional forklift passes by, but for the most part the Barrel House is a departure from the hustle and bustle of the brewery. A few times a month, the warehouse will liven up when its time to empty the barrels on the processing floor. Only then do the brewers know if the year of waiting was all in vain."

November 6, 2015

Take A Walk On The Hop Side

Wow, what a day yesterday! I walked around 6 miles total, visited and drank beers at 6 open breweries and checked out progress on the 2 not yet open, ate some great food, saw plenty of friends and basically just had a great day wandering the streets of downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock. This will only get better as both breweries-in-construction are almost ready to open. Get out your walking shoes and join me next time.

Here's the Twitter feed, all in 1 handy spot for you...

November 5, 2015

Hopstories: Oregon's Hop Harvest

Really nice video from Hopstories I thought I'd share. I wish I could smell what they're smelling in a lot of these scenes. 
"Hop harvest in Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a family affair. For generations, Oregon farmers have taken to the fields for the month of harvest, rotating shifts, schedules, and fields to make sure each hop variety is harvested at the correct time."

Produced by:
Music licensed through Marmoset Music.
Aerials by BirdsEyeImaging -

November 1, 2015

November Arkansas Untappd Update

It's time for that exciting moment when I go check out all the brewery pages on Untappd and let you know which Arkansas breweries are racking up the check-ins. Why you ask? Hell I don't know, it's just sort of fun I think. Stop asking questions! Just go with and nod politely.

Diamond Bear - 18,598 (524)
Core Brewery - 17,974 (600)
Ozark Brew Co. - 9,106 (420) 
Fossil Cove - 7,772 (217)
Lost Forty Brewing - 7,120 (634)
Saddlebock - 7,032 (135)
Apple Blossom - 6,333 (211)
Stone's Throw Brewing - 4,268 (183)
Vinos Brew Pub - 2,317 (38)
Bike Rack Brewing - 1,923 (98)
West Mountain - 1,852 (32)
Superior Bathhouse - 1,661 (186)
Moody Brews - 1,537 (52)
Blue Canoe Brewing Co - 1,413 (105)
Bentonville Brewing Co - 884 (173)
Columbus House - 739 (75)
Damgoode Brews - 644 (55)
Foster's Pint & Plate - 373 (54)
Black Apple Crossing - 232 (24)
Bubba Brew's - 158 (29)
Gravity Brew Works - 103 (4)
Flyway Brewing - 91 (-)
Brick Oven - 71 (13)
Leap Of Faith - 21 (2)

So what did we learn? Well...

* Diamond Bear continues hold on the top spot, but Core closed the gap a little more.

* Bike Rack moved up 1 spot past West Mountain.

* Lost Forty moved up 2 spots past Saddlebock and Apple Blossom and are now in the top 5.

* Superior Bathhouse moved past both Blue Canoe and Moody Brews.

* Lots of scrambling in the lower half for position. Bubba Brews is getting lots more check-ins and Brick Oven has picked it up since they got a few taps around central Arkansas and raised their game.

In the next edition I expect a big jump from Flyway Brewing, as hopefully they'll be getting their new space open soon, and it won't be long before Rebel Kettle makes an appearance and begins their climb. Aided a lot by yours truly of course.

Lastly, I'll be adding to all 6 Little Rock area breweries (Central Arkansas Hop District y'all!!) on Thursday with a brewery crawl: 5+ miles of walking, 6 breweries, lots of beer and fun.

Now go check in some brews!