May 19, 2020

Beer With Nat - What is BEER made from?

Found this really good YouTube series called "Beer With Nat" that has a lot of great info for us beer lovers. Follow her or watch here for posts of her videos. Or both.

Beer With Nat - "Ever wondered what beer is actually made from? Join beer expert Natalya Watson to find out!"

Hazy Ripple TV with Sam Calagione & David Lemieux

From Dogfish Head Brewery: "After an epic visit from Grateful Dead archivist and legacy manager David Lemieux in February 2019, we knew we'd have to do it all again. Almost exactly one year later, David joined us back in coastal Delaware this past February for another weekend of fun - complete with a tour, meet & greet, dinner and a show. In the midst of a busy weekend, we managed to find time for Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione to sit down with David and catch up on all things Dogfish Head, Grateful Dead and American Beauty. Watch as they reminisce on how this beautiful collaboration got its start, reflect on this year's release and dream of what's to come!

 **Note: this was filmed in late February 2020 before our coastal Delaware properties closed due to COVID-19 concerns.**"

May 14, 2020

The HIDDEN History of Lager Beer

More fun stuff from the folks at Beer By The Numbers and maybe you might even just learn something?!?!

"Hey this is Ryan with Beer by the Numbers; beer nerds and historians alike all love to study how lagers, the world’s most popular beers, emerged in Northern Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. These beers are clear in appearance and deliver a crisp effervescence that makes the incredibly refreshing and popular. Such characteristics lend themselves well to the cool mountain climates of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, but recent evidence suggests that another area of the world, thousands of miles away, may have played a key role in the emergence of this major beer family."

May 13, 2020

All Together IPA Recipe

A Clawhammer Supply #Stayhome and Brew Special!

"Bored during quarantine? Already watched Tiger King twice? Tired of the news? Now you can sit back and watch Kyle as he tackles a totally normal brew day on his own. Well, he does have a few friends who help him along the way, but you'll have to see that for yourself.

We're brewing the All Together IPA (, which is a refreshing and delicious golden, hoppy beer - but it's the cause behind the beer that makes this one special. This project is a worldwide, open-ended beer collaboration created to raise support for the industry we love. All YouTube revenue made from this video will be donated somewhere and we'll use the comments to guide us. That's right, we're asking YOU, our viewers, to choose what that means. So let us know in the comments where you think the money should go. We hope you enjoy the video, and yes, we are also worried about Kyle. 

Keep your eye out for a special guest (live from prison!), a ghostly floating eyebrow piercing that's not at all an editing mistake, and some important advice from a totally legit doctor!"

May 12, 2020

Tap Time Radio May 11th, 2020

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with our guest John Beachboard from Lost Forty Brewing and Jess McMullen from Flyway Brewing.

May 8, 2020

Taproom Live Presents: Victory Co-Founders

Victory Brewing: "We're pumped to host Victory Co-Founders, Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, on a very special episode of Taproom Live."

May 7, 2020

Toppling Goliath - Intergalactic Warrior

Toppling Goliath: "Now more than ever, women help to drive the Craft Beer industry. Ownership, Accounting, Marketing, Merchandising, Lab Technicians, Packaging, Logistics, Taproom, HR and our Kitchen staff - every facet of our brewery has strong, fun, intelligent and talented women that make Toppling Goliath's world go round. Intergalactic Warrior is our IPA that recognizes these bold and brilliant women. This one's for them. Cheers!

 Intergalactic Warrior is a 6.2% India Pale Ale with 60 IBUs. Galaxy and Warrior hops join forces to create a beer with a bitter punch. Big body, bold flavor, with a boost of citrus rind and just a kick of spiciness in the finish, Intergalactic Warrior is an India Pale Ale worth fighting for."

May 6, 2020

Food, Music and Beer with Troy Johnson and Hilary Doneux

Ballast Point Brewing Company: "Jeff Lozano and Colby Chandler (virtually) sit down with 91X Music Director, Hilary Chambers, and writer/food critic/television personality, Troy Johnson. Hilary reflects on her 20+ year career in music and radio, and her recent behind-the-scenes BP tour with Colby.

Troy discusses his journey from music journalist to Food Network personality on Guy’s Grocery Games. The group discusses pairing beer with music and food, and how Troy’s poetry minor shaped how he approaches his day job.

Later, Ballast Point Miramar Sous Chef, Chuy Hernandez returns to the show with his rendition of Troy’s guilty pleasure: Jack in the Box double cheese burger, which he aptly named the “Morgan Freeman” of double cheeseburgers. Recommended pairing: Manta Ray Double IPA."

What is Imperial Stout?

What is Imperial Stout? | The Craft Beer Channel 

"This week we're asking what is Imperial Stout, and what is it's history? There's a lot of confusion around this style, as well as the difference between porter and stout and Russian and Imperial Stout. To aid our confusion, we pick a 14% Imperial Stout to chew while we go DEEP into it."