June 25, 2018

Tap Time Radio June 23rd, 2018 Live From GARBF

Here's Tap Time from Saturday night during the Great Arkansas Beer Festival at the Statehouse Convention center where we chatted with guests from New Belgium, Rebel Kettle, Lost Forty, Brick & Forge, Mother's Brewing and more!

Crack open a beer (or beers... it's 2 hours long) and check it out... 
Live broadcast of Tap Time with Bryce Nall and Scott Parton

June 20, 2018

Quick Sip Clip with Dogfish Head: Liquid Truth Serum IPA

You can handle the truth!

MYTH: IBUs (hop bitterness) can only be achieved in the boil.  
TRUTH: Uh-uh!

The truth is, Dogfish Head has been doing innovative things in the world of hopping since we opened in the mid-90s. From our continual hopping method found in our 60 Minute, 90 Minute and 120 Minute IPAs to our latest innovation of post-boil hop additions found in our Liquid Truth Serum!

ABV:7 | IBU: 65

Rogue Ales & Spirits | Combat Wombat

Behold the power of the Wombat.

Rogue Ales & Spirits: Dedicated to our friends down under, Combat Wombat is a fusion of hazy, sour and fruity all tied together with a healthy dose of Australian hops.

Oozing aromas of citrus and tropical fruit, Combat Wombat glows a vivid gold. Notes of tart grapefruit and sweet blood orange battle in a barrage of flavor with a fruity hop profile, but reconcile peacefully in a tangy finish.

Find Combat Wombat near you using our Rogue Finder: https://www.rogue.com/finder

Music: "Grooves On My Mind" By Crust

June 14, 2018

How To Properly Pour The Perfect Pint

Tap Time Radio June 13, 2018

Check out the most recent edition of Tap Time from 103.7 The Buzz with guests from the upcoming 5th annual Great Arkansas Beer Festival plus Phil Brandon of Little Rock's own Rock Town Distillery talking about their recent expansion and opening of the new taproom in Soma:

June 11, 2018

Sierra Nevada Tank Tested: Brux Domesticated Wild Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: In 2012, we brewed Brux Domesticated Wild Ale, a collaboration with our friends at Russian River Brewing Company. We set aside 1,000 cases to release over the years as it aged and six years seemed like a good time to break out some cases. Also seemed like a good time for a road trip to drink it together. Check it out on Tank Tested!

June 6, 2018

Stone I'm Peach Double IPA

Stone Brewing: Who wants to kick fruit out of beer? Not us. When done right, adding orange or grapefruit or tangerine can contribute a deeper level of delicious complexity to the beer. In this case, peach was the perfect complement to enhance the substantial bill of hops in this double IPA.

May its reign last more than a few terms.