August 2, 2014

Beer Song Countdown: Number 10

I was sitting around thinking of some really serious beer themed posts and it hit me. Beer has just gotten too serious. I enjoy beer... drinking it, talking about it and seeking it out. But all these ratings and snobbery and elitism and know-it-all-isms are really starting to get my nerves. Beer is fun. I like beer. I'm often guilty of forgetting that while sipping on a PBR.

So for the next few weeks I'm going to countdown my 10 favorite beer songs. You may count along, or try to figure out why your latest $20 bottle has an off flavor slightly with the 6 types of hops in the profile. Whichever.

My first pick is a no-brainer really. The humorcore metal band from Tempe, AZ screams the lyrics "Beer is good. Beer is good. Beer is good. And Stuff." Sheer brilliance. Sing along kids!

#10. "Beer" by Psychostick

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