August 20, 2014

Beer Song Countdown: Number 7

The countdown rolls on! We're at #7 and it's an Arkansas boy... Poyen, Arkansas' Justin Moore. His song "Beer Time" makes me smile for several reasons, but mainly for this part of the chorus:

Boys it's beer time,
this ol' town's dry
headed to the county line
for something cold.

Now THAT brings back memories. Great memories. When I first started drinking beer, nearly 100 years ago now (really), I was in a small dry town and as soon as that whistle went off at work it was often a mad dash to the county line (or Missouri state line in my case) where I'd see plenty of buddies and stock up on cold beer. Boys it's beer time!

Top 10 Beer Song Countdown

10. "Beer" by Psychostick
 9. "Beer Pressure" by Drankmore
 8. "Hell Yeah, I Like Beer" by Kevin Fowler
 7. "Beer Time" by Justin Moore

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