March 16, 2017

March 14, 2017

Oat IPA Coming From Core Brewing

Core Brewing: "Coming to a Core Pub near you we have an Oat IPA, and this sonuvagun is a hell of a beer. It's sweet like the oatmeal stout, has this really weird but totally radical grapefruit juice color, and tastes like candied citrus rinds. It's an absurdly well balanced beer. In the brewing world you alter balance for artistic or creative reasons so much to create specific flavors to the point that this is weird because it just, does exactly what it's supposed to, be a balanced drinkable act of genius. Trent deserves your praise."

March 10, 2017

Video: Victory HopDevil Artwork Refresh

Found this video on Victory's Youtube channel. Fun stuff on a great brew...

#HopDevil IPA's got a new look and we're giving you a behind the scenes peek at how the new artwork was created! Learn about the thought process of updating these graphics, give the Devil his due, and enjoy!

"So, our beloved #HopDevil turns 21 this year. And you know, that's sort of a coming of age. We thought it was time to take his look and give it a new style." - Bill Covaleski, Co-Founder of Victory Brewing Company

March 9, 2017

Tap Time with Superior Bathhouse Brewing

Here's last March 8th edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with our guests from Hot Spring's Superior Bathhouse Brewing! We chat about the history of the brewery and what's coming up from them in the immediate future. Check it out:

March 8, 2017

Beers To Cheer: February 2017

Here's we go with another month's picks for our "Beers To Cheer" from the Arkansas brewing scene! And we've got a little treat for you this month... not only are Michael, Brian and I telling you what pair of brews we got giddy over this month, but we've also got our first GUEST PICKER, one Mr. Steve Shuler from Rock City Eats *insert applause*.

So check out a whopping 8 total choices from these 4 Arkansas beer lovers for you to get out and discover for yourself! And if you missed last month's edition, by all means check it out right here: Beers To Cheer: January 2017.

Steve Shuler (@Steve_Shuler):

Rebel Kettle Barrel-Aged Wake'n'Flake - Wake ‘n’ Flake is one of the brews that put Rebel Kettle on the map. Before there was the best taproom/patio in Little Rock, John Lee and his companions brewed this excellent coffee and coconut cream stout ale for festivals around the state, quickly earning a reputation for Rebel Kettle as an adventurous and fearless beer maker. February’s barrel-aged version pushes the envelope again in two important ways. First, it’s everything a barrel beer should be; full, robust, but letting the original brew shine through instead of submitting it. Second, it embraces the lower ABV that few barrel-aged brews enjoy. The flavor is as big as a 10-percent brew, but at less than 6 percent ABV, it’s a beer that lets you enjoy the big taste without making you stop drinking sooner than you’d like. This one is off tap now, but you’ll be able to taste it again at the brewery’s one-year anniversary on April 1st. It’s a beer that will be worth the April Fool’s trip all by itself.

Moody Brews Katchiri's Bier 2017 - Even though he’s departed Little Rock for Northwest Arkansas and Bike Rack Brewing Company, it’s safe to say we’re fortunate to have a brewer in our state like Josiah Moody. Very few brewers anywhere (and I mean anywhere) have his knack for creating perfectly balanced brews with both technical and artistic expertise. His latest iteration of Katchiri’s Bier is no exception. Originally envisioned as a nuanced farmhouse saison, Moody has developed it into this gorgeous monster of an ale. Eclipsing 9 percent ABV, this year’s Katchiri’s Bier is still mellow and smooth, with an unmistakably buttery finish. Moody decided to age this one in gin barrels from Rock Town Distillery, and my goodness, what a choice that turned out to be. The leftover floral notes are the perfect accompaniment in Moody’s final Little Rock symphony. This beer is almost gone (Legacy Wine and Spirits still has it for growler fill-up), but the impact Moody made on our beer scene won’t fade anytime soon.

Scott (@WooPigBrewey):

Stone's Throw Biere de Gras - This is one that was requested by the Cajun/Creole restaurants in town for release leading up to Fat Tuesday. It's based on their biere de garde recipe but made to a more "sessionable strength." It has a wonderful toasted aroma and the flavor is a super easy-to-drink sweet malt and toasty caramel with warrior and saaz hops dancing around in the mix. A great beer to drink during Mardi Gras celebrations or paired with crawfish and spicy gumbo dishes. It definitely made my Fat Tuesday a little (a lot?) fatter.

Flyway Lord God Imperial Chocolate Stout -This big 11% imperial chocolate stout was a lot easier to find than the elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker for which it's named, but it disappeared (from my glass) pretty quickly. Dangerously drinkable for a huge beer, only slightly boozy, it's a full-bodied chocolate stout aged on a copious amount of fresh roasted Izard Chocolate cacao nibs. Why yes, I'll have a glass of liquefied, chocolate alcohol please.

Brian (@EBSorensen):

Ozark Beer Co. Onyx Coffee Stout - Lost amidst the hype of bigger, bolder beers from Ozark – such as the Rogers brewery’s Double IPA and the forthcoming BDCS 2017 – are smaller, more sessionable beers that have been there since day one. My personal favorite, and one I filled a growler with in mid-February, is Onyx Coffee Stout. The cream stout base is superbly complimented by cold brewed coffee provided by on-the-rise roaster Onyx Coffee Lab. Some coffee beers are nuanced, but this one screams java in every way possible. A velvety backdrop of chocolate and dark fruit is punctuated by roasted coffee notes. I could literally drink this one all day long, starting alongside my bacon and eggs in the morning.

Flyway Bluewing Berry Wheat - Back on February 4th I attended Frost Fest 2017 in Fayetteville, a gloriously freezing beer festival hosted by Fossil Cove Brewing Co. I could name any number of double IPAs, sours, or barrel-aged brews that I sampled on that day, but cutting through the haze and standing out with its pure simplicity was the flagship beer from North Little Rock’s Flyway Brewing Co. – Bluewing Berry Wheat. This easy drinker provided the necessary balance to a boozy, high-consumption day. A crisp body and tart blueberry effervescence scrubbed the tongue. Witbier is a much-maligned style that gets no respect, particularly when laced with fruit. However, Flyway pulls it off in such a way that even the manliest of men can drink Bluewing without fear of embarrassment. It is – quite simply – a well-made beer.

Michael (@fayettebrew):

Apple Blossom Bloodhound English Barleywine - This barleywine from Apple Blossom’s Brian Youngblood was one of the first beers I had in February and it made an impression that has stayed fresh in my mind all month. The English style elements keep Bloodhound strong but malty and smooth - smoother than most American style barleywines - which is appreciable regardless of whether the February weather is frigid or friendly. For a style that does not always get a lot of play in our state, this is a welcomed sight on the Apple Blossom chalk board. [Still on tap at ABBC as of this post.]

Fossil Cove Saturday Series #3: Shiny Green Bullet - Fossil Cove’s Saturday Series brings the staff who typically handle the non-brewing responsibilities of the business into the Brewdizzle (the name for Fossil Cove’s brewing space) to incorporate their style and flavor into the lineup in the form of a small batch release. The third in this series features the New Zealand Green Bullet hop in a way that lends a refreshing lime flavor to an overall easy drinking beer.  Seemingly readymade for the hotter months ahead, Shiny Green Bullet is also an excellent beer for introducing someone to the less bitter and dank side of hops.

Check back next month's for our March picks!

March 1, 2017

3 Big March Events At Hot Spring Craft Beer Cellar

If you live in central Arkansas like your's truly here, I hope you've already made a trip to Craft Beer Cellar in Hot Springs. It's a wonderful cozy place to sit and have a few beers while putting together a puzzle or hanging out with friends. It's got a great neighborhood bar feel and it's quickly obvious they know (and love) craft beer. You can actually pick out some take-home beer from the large collection of bottles and cans when you're ready to take the party to your house as well. Cool concept. I stopped in a few months ago and just love it so I suggest you visit soon. But hey if you're one of those people who need another reason, here are 3 this month for you.

Craft Beer Cellar Hot Springs March Calendar of Events:

Wednesday March 3rd @ 6:30PM - Atlanta's Sweetwater Brewing launches in Arkansas and CBC has a Tap Takeover planned with live music and sampling.

Friday March 17th 4:00PM - St. Patrick's Day Beerfest with plenty of breweries represented, including Diamond Bear, Lost 40, Flyway, Core, Stones Throw, Blue Canoe, Bubba Brews, Superior, Goldcrest, Ozark, Lagunitas, Founders, Sam Adams, WiseAcre, Apple Blossom, SweetWater......and more. Plus live music, Arkansas Circus Acts, locally made items from local vendors, food trucks, and more!

Saturday March 25th all day - Orval Day! Craft Beer Cellar-Hot Springs, AR will be the ONLY place in the Great State of Arkansas that the monastery has asked to be involved and receive worldwide attention not only from Merchant du Vin but from the monastery itself! Orval Day is only one day where the monastery has asked select venues to handsell Orval Trappist beer and tell it’s story, and to proudly serve and enjoy with customers. The proceeds from this day for this monastery go to support MAP - a non-profit providing clean water and food to impoverished countries. Plus live music and games to celebrate this amazing brewery!

Give the Devil his Due - HopDevil IPA

Even before Victory Brewing started distributing in Arkansas about a year-and-a-half ago I was a huge fan of their Hop Devil, a 6.7% tasty full-bodied IPA. This year it's back in 12 oz bottles and cans (just clap yer hands!) and I need to get out and find it before it's gone. You too.
Here's something for you off their YouTube channel:
IPAs are more popular than ever, but let’s not forget about one of the IPAs that paved the way for this trend- our HopDevil IPA. Whether you’re an old friend of the Devil or you’re trying this Menacingly Delicious™ IPA for the first time, it’s time to give the Devil his due. American hops, malt sweetness and an aromatic punch explain why this IPA is a world class brew. #HopDevil #MenacinglyDelicious

"One of my favorite flavors of HopDevil is really the hop juiciness. I think there's a certain pine character there that makes it very distinct. It's very distinctive because of the whole flower hops and the type of hops that we use."

Stone's Throw Brewing Event Calendar for March 2017

Check it out y'all, lots to do at Stone's Throw Brewing in Little Rock (as usual) for the month of March! 

All events located at Stone's Throw Brewing, 402 E 9th St. Little Rock, unless otherwise specified. 

Every Tuesday, 4:00-9:00pm: #HOPSandHOPE, $1 of each house brew sold donated to Muscular Dystrophy Association

Every Wednesday, 6:00pm: #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie Series: Brewers Choice

Every Saturday, 4:00pm: Randall Beer Infusion

Razorback Basketball on the Big Screen (subject to availability)


Wednesday March 1, 6:00pm: #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie "Shaft"

Thursday March 2, 5:00-8:00pm: Food Truck Meet-Up at Good Earth Garden Center

Thursday March 2, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by Old State House Museum

Friday March 3, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Centennial Pale Ale World Premiere; Mickey's Irish Red, Aurora Borealis Scottish Light, Cover Crop Rye IPA & Amarillo Warrior Imperial IPA Release

Sunday March 5: Little Rock Marathon Refreshment Station by the Arkansas Arts Center

Tuesday March 7, 6:00-8:00pm: Faith & Fermentation Small Group Gathering

Wednesday March 8, 6:00pm: #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie "Jazz Singer"

Thursday March 9, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

Friday March 10, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Out on Blonde, the Official Beer of Kickball Release

Saturday March 11, 12:00-6:00pm: Argenta Irish Fest

Sunday March 12: Opening Day of the Little Rock Kickball Association

Tuesday March 14, 6:00-9:00pm: 2nd Tuesday Cribbage Night

Tuesday March 16, 6:30pm: The Real Inglorious Bastards at MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History sponsored by Stone's Throw Brewing

Wednesday March 15, 6:00pm: #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie "Beavis & Butthead Do America"

Thursday March 16, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by Arkansas Repertory Theatre

Friday March 17, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday The Liereman Belgian Brown Release

Wednesday March 22, 6:00pm: #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie "Saving Silverman"

Thursday March 23, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by Arkansas Arts Center

Thursday March 23, 6:30pm: #5Beers5Bites Dinner at The Southern Gourmasian

Friday March 24, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Jar the Floor Peach Saison Release

Wednesday March 29, 6:00pm: #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie "Sling Blade"

Thursday March 30, 6:00-9:00pm: Science After Dark at the Museum of Discovery

Thursday March 30, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by Arkansongs

Friday March 31, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Bruxelles Belgian Blonde & Bremerhaven Alt Release

And Coming Up....

Friday April 7, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday That's the Way Love Gose World Premiere

Saturday July 29: Block on Rock 4th Birthday Bash