April 25, 2019

Pale Ale for Trails

Sierra Nevada: "Freedom is in the great outdoors. It’s where we unplug to recharge, where we cut loose to feel most connected. But our favorite places to play are vulnerable. Their maintenance is underfunded while foot traffic keeps growing—a divergence that is wearing out our wild lands.

That’s why we’re launching Pale Ale for Trails: to take back our trails and rivers through action and advocacy. Alongside partner organizations and explorers like you, we’re committed to hands-on restoration and upkeep, and we’ll champion the link between wilderness and well-being. If we don’t step up, our trails die out. Let’s protect our gateways to adventure."


Beer Log: what is mixed ferm beer? | The Craft Beer Channel

The Craft Beer Channel: "This week we break through the bull around mixed ferm beer – what's the difference between mixed ferm, farmhouse, sour, , lambic, spontaneous and wild beer? Using four delicious examples, we cut through the haze with some seriously bretty knowledge."

Tap Time Radio April 24th, 2019

Our guest on Tap Time last night was Rob Pratt from the Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival.

Check it out from 103.7 The Buzz:

April 11, 2019

Tap Time Radio April 10th, 2019

Check out last night's show on 103.7 The Buzz with our guests Courtney and Sean from Lagunitas Brewing Company plus Ben from the Arkansas Travelers filled us in on what beer to expect at the ball park this year.