September 25, 2017

Sam Adams OctoberFest Hoist for Hurricane Relief

Sam Adams: Join us as we #HoistForHurricaneRelief! Take the personal hoisting challenge or attend a Stein Hoisting event across the country, where we will be donating $1/minute for every stein hoisted (up to $25K). 
Jim kicked off the #HoistForHurricaneRelief by challenging Freddy Bensch from SweetWater Brewing Company!

September 23, 2017

Tap Time from Sept 20th, 2017

Check out the latest Tap Time radio on 103.7 The Buzz with our guest Matt Dixon from Dallas Brew Scene as we talk about places to go in the Dallas area for those calling the Hogs this weekend in Arlington. 

September 22, 2017

Stone Neapolitan Dynamite

Via Stone Brewing YouTube Channel: San Diego may be best known for its hop-forward IPAs, but this county has a long and proud history of stouts, porters and the dark arts. Case in point, the winners of this year’s American Homebrewers Association-sanctioned Stone Homebrew Competition: Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez and their champion creation, Neapolitan Dynamite. For our additional collaborator, we enlisted noted Stout Master Derek Gallanosa from Abnormal Beer Company to bring this ice cream sundae of a beer to life in full scale. The result is a rich, decadent beer, with the sweetness of the strawberry and vanilla balanced out by dark chocolate and coffee. Available in bottle and on draft, but not on a waffle cone, unfortunately.

 More info and beer finder:

September 8, 2017

2017 Brewery Tour Rolls On!

My escape to Florida last week bumped by number of breweries I've visited and had a brew at to 47... oh so close that goal of 50 I set for no apparent reason. Can I visit 3 more in the next 4 months? I'm thinking it's not a problem. In fact I think I'll shoot for 50 by next weekend in Memphis as there are actually 2 local breweries I haven't been to this year, and in Memphis I've yet to visit Meddlesome Brewing (it wasn't open last time I visited back earlier in the year).

50 breweries in 9 months? My mom will be so proud. And my teachers all told me I'd never amount to anything. Pffft.

Brewery Location
3rd Planet Brewing Niceville, FL
4 Hands Brewing Co. St. Louis, MO
Ballast Point Little Italy San Diego, CA
Bentonville Brewing Company Bentonville, AR
Bike Rack Brewing Company Bentonville, AR
Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City, MO
BrainDead Brewing Dallas, TX
Brieux Carré Brewing Company New Orleans, LA
Courtyard Brewery New Orleans, LA
Damgoode Pies Little Rock, AR
Destin Brewing Destin, FL
East Nashville Beer Works Nashville, TN
Flyway Brewing Company North Lit Rock, AR
Four Corners Crewing Dallas, TX
Ghost River Brewing Co. Memphis, TN
Grayton Beer Company South Walton, FL
Gulf Coast Brewing Pensacola, FL
Half Door Brewing Company San Diego, CA
High Cotton Brewing Memphis, TN
Idyll Hounds Brewing Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Jackalope Brewing Company Nashville, TN
Kansas City Bier Company Kansas City, MO
Karl Strauss Brewery San Diego, CA
Knotty Barrel Brewing San Diego, CA
Lost Forty Brewing Little Rock, AR
Memphis Made Brewing Memphis, TN
Modern Times Flavordome San Diego, CA
Mother's Brewing Company Springfield, MO
New Province Brewing Company Rogers, AR
Nobel Rey Brewing Co. Dallas, TX
Ozark Beer Co. Rogers, AR
Pensacola Bay Brewery Pensacola, FL
Peticolas Brewing Company Dallas, TX
Props Brewery Fort Walton, FL
Rebel Kettle Brewing Co.  Little Rock, AR
Resident Brewing San Diego, CA
Southern Grist Brewing Company Nashville, TN
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Escondido, CA
Stone Brewing World Bistro Liberty Station San Diego, CA
Stone's Throw Brewing Little Rock, AR
Superior Bathhouse Brewery Hot Springs, AR
Tailgate Brewery Music Row Nashville, TN
Tennessee Brew Works Nashville, TN
The Black Abbey Brewing Company Nashville, TN
Thorn Street Brewery San Diego, CA
Vino's Brewpub Little Rock, AR
Wiseacre Brewing Co. Memphis, TN

Tap Time from Sept 6th w/Josiah Moody

Tap Time radio show from Sept 6th is posted, with Josiah Moody discussing what's happening at Bike Rack Brewing in Bentonville and also what's up with his Moody Brews brand.  Check it out below: