December 17, 2019

Tap Time Radio December 16th, 2019

Here's last night's show on 103.7 The Buzz live from Fermentables Homegrown Hobbies in North Little Rock, AR for our Christmas Party with guests including Josh from Rebel Kettle, Ian from Stone's Throw Brewing and Ren from Flyway Brewing.

December 12, 2019

Beer & cheese: The Ultimate Matching Guide

Good stuff from The Craft Beer Channel!

"This week we are joined by one of the world's greatest cheese experts, Ned Palmer, for a chaotic, euphemism-laden exploration of beer and cheese. Come for the geuze, IPA, stout and barley wine matched with incredible cheeses, stay for the rubber fish."

December 10, 2019

It's The Most Wonderful Time For a Beer

Well this is just freakin' great! ­čśé

Carlton Dry: It's the most wonderful time to learn the lyrics to our new Christmas song. Sing a long with our karaoke film - and here's to a wonderful Christmas with Carlton Dry!

One December Day In Tulsa

This past Saturday a buddy and I took our annual "Men's Weekend"  (wives don't accompany us) trip over to Tulsa to just basically eat and drink beer. I mean, that's really all we do. Seriously.

We made it to 10 breweries on the day and had an absolute blast. Much beer was drank, much food was eaten and much walking was done. Tulsa has a great craft beer scene and honestly it's all pretty walkable or at least short Uber rides apart. We chose to walk to keep the sobriety somewhat in check. I said somewhat.

So here's a stop-by-stop quick summary, in order, and with a little rating (5 STAR MAX) for each place based on our overall experience there. Not just the beer, but the people we met and the atmosphere as seen by a craft beer seeker. Interactions are usually more memorable than flavor profiles on these day long brewery crawls.


Elgin Park Restaurant & Brewery

First stop of the day to get some food base for all the beer in the belly. Definitely more of a sports bar, as it should be since it's right by the ballpark, and the Oklahoma/Baylor game was on the telly so it was loud and rowdy. Had a slice of breakfast 'za and nice light malty Albion Ale. I'm not a fan of sports bar with fans yelling like they're at the stadium every time their team gets a 3 yard gain. But hey to each their own. I'd like to get back by this place when it's not as wild and visit with a brew house person. But on this visit... 1 STAR

Welltown Brewing

Interesting choice of having no TVs and on this day (see above game) it was empty except for us. What a beautiful space though! Two stories, lots of room and all really clean and nice looking. Would be a great private event place. I had an easy drinking peach sour called Feeling Peachy. The bartender was chatty and cool but it was just a pretty dead place. Again, LOVE the space though and like to see a lot of sours. Still going to have to go with 2 STARS

New Era Fine Fermentation

Another really nice facility, but basically no interaction with the staff other than ordering. I had a light sour called Raspberry Pride that was OK but with tax it was over $9. After tip I'm in for $11 on one beer. So there's that. I believe they're "gluten-reduced" so I know that process is a bit expensive but I chug too much beer to pay $11 a pop. Ha. Anyway... overall experience gets 2 STARS

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing

Now we got things going. Super nice bartenders that were very chatty about craft beer and the Tulsa scene. Neat little space that doesn't look like some corporate folks threw several million at it, but instead was build by passionate beer people. I had a good Tulsa Flag IPA and did a few small samples of other beers that were also well done. We swapped some Rebel Kettle special releases we had in our backpacks and traded stickers and I even dropped some money on a shirt, because the folks were damn cool. This is what I look for. Dead Armadillo gets 5 STARS

Nothing's Left Brewing Co.

More of the same at this place, which looks like it was probably an old service station? Super cool use of the room they have and the 2 girls working at the bar were just fantastic. Chatty, welcoming and happy to get some cans brought from Little Rock. They let us sample most of the beers we didn't order and I drank a really nice Galaxy Pale Ale. Again, this place gets 5 STARS

Heirloom Rustic Ales

It was a good little hike to our next brewery, but we'd heard good things about their beers so we had to check it out. The quality of beer wasn't disappointing. I had a "summer breakfast stout" called Morning Devotion and it was the best beer I'd had so far on the trip. Neat place, solid beers but the staff wasn't too interested in us even after we donated some beer. No worries, we met a really nice craft beer loving couple at the bar and chatted about the scene. They had bottle sales so I got a couple to add to the backpack to try back in Arkansas. I like the location, really like the beers but need to come back for a better overall experience. 3 STARS

Marshall Brewing

After a bit of a walk back and a stop at a great BBQ food truck, we hit this taproom where we are familiar with a lot of the beer already. The bartenders here were fantastic too... very knowledgeable (I believe one was a brewer there) and fun. We talked and sampled plus I had a good, thick Dark By 5 PM stout. Bonus points... we saw Eric Marshall in there and got to chat with him awhile and scored some fantastic Black Dolphin and more. This is a great taproom with very cool folks and one of my favorite Oklahoma breweries. 5 STARS.

Cabin Boys

Just across a courtyard, this place has a cool vibe on the tap room side and more of a party vibe in an adjoining room... depending on which side you're in the mood for I guess. Another spot with very cool people working We got beers and stickers and had a really good experience. I had their 2nd Anniversary Ale which was a golden ale aged on cherries and was very happy with it. Definitely would go back here.... 4 STARS

American Solera

This new facility is AMAZING. It's huge and just beautiful. Great selection of taps with the only difficult thing being you have to decide which to have. This was the only place all day where we actually had 2 beers each (we didn't sample anything). I had an outstanding sour called Year Three Blend and also double dry hopped IPA called Secret Mascot that was really damn good. We didn't have any interactions as there was no where to sit at the bar and the employees were all swamped. We did see Chase a couple of time but didn't get to chat with him. Still though, this place is wonderful and the beer is wonderful. Overall experience... 4 STARS

So by this point we've got some heavy-ass backpacks full of beer and are a long way from downtown so we Uber'd back to the hotel for a drop-off then a final stop...

Prairie Artisan Ales

Always love their brewpub downtown, but it's definitely more like a restaurant than a tap room (by design of course) and we weren't eating so we just sort of sat off to the side and had a beer. I had a crazy fun Seasick Crocodile, which is a "Christmas sour" ale with cranberries, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Yeah, a sour with those spices. It all works too as I thought it was fantastic. Great spot, always killer beer on tap and a place where you really need to have dinner and pair some beer for the full experience. This visit.... 3 STARS

So that's it. A day around Tulsa. Of course we closed things with an Old Fashioned at Valkrye but this isn't a bourbon blog. Get yourself to Tulsa, hit some spots and make your own opinions. Every visit to a brewpub should be different for every person.

I'll say it again: beer should about the experiences. Make some.

Dead Armadillo Tulsa Flag IPA

Nothing's Left

Nothing's Left Galaxy Pale Ale

Samples at Nothing's Left

Heirloom Rustic Ales

Marshall's New (ish) Tap Room

Marshall Line-Up

Selection at American Solera

American Solera Year Three Blend

Tulsa Souvenirs
Elgin Park

Welltown Brewing

New Era Fine Fermentation
Heirloom Rustic Ales

1907 BBQ

December 3, 2019

Tap Time Radio December 2nd, 2019

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with our guest Kenny Peden, Head Brewer at Brick & Forge Brew Works in Harrison. Plus we do a 10 year challenge of Goose Island Bourbon County Stouts... 2009 & 2019.

November 22, 2019

Beer School: what is yeast?

The Craft Beer Channel:

"What the funk?! It's been ages since our last Beer School but we're back with 20 minutes of deep diving into the miracle microbe that is YEAST! Join us as we explore one of the world's largest brewing yeast factories, Lallemand in Vienna, and learn the basics of yeast biology – then head to Northern Monk and Little Earth Project to find out how that's put into practice!"

Twitter – @beerchannel Facebook – Instagram – @craftbeerchannel @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans

November 21, 2019

Dogfish Head Quick Sip Clip: American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA

Dogfish Head: It’s been a long strange trip, and we’re not about to stop now. After six years and four releases of American Beauty, we’re back with an encore … only this time you haven’t heard the melody.

Together with the Grateful Dead, we’re proud to introduce our latest collaborative iteration – American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA.

Inspired by the Grateful Dead’s beloved “American Beauty” album, American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA is an unfiltered India Pale Ale brewed with spelt – an ancient heirloom grain that contributes earthy notes and a natural haze – that’s then dosed with a special yeast variety to accentuate hop aromatics.

The result is a psychedelic 7.0% ABV ale that’s bursting with notes of tropical fruit and juicy citrus, while the style callout lovingly references the fan-favorite track “Ripple.”

November 19, 2019

Tap Time Radio November 18th 2019

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with our guest Jason from North Little Rock's Flyway Brewing talking about their latest happenings.

November 8, 2019

Superior Bathhouse Brewery To Launch New "Viking" Beer

HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS- OCTOBER 24, 2019 -- Superior Bathhouse Brewery will be debuting a new experimental beer in mid-November to herald the arrival of the city’s newest mountain biking event- G├╝drun Northwoods Mountain Bike Festival which will be held at Northwoods Trails, Hot Springs’ premier multi-level mountain biking trail system, on November 15-17. Owner and brewer Rose Schweikhart, master brewer Jimm Powell and the brewery team are brewing a traditional Nordic Vossa├Şl Ale with Norweigian farmhouse yeast (Kveik), locally sourced Juniperus Virginiana (also known as Eastern red cedar) and the world-famous Hot Springs thermal spring water.

“We have really enjoyed researching and brewing this beer because it’s so out of the ordinary! Experimental beers are our passion, we love it when customers can come in and drink something they won’t find anywhere else in the State. We have 18 different beers on tap at any given time and use ingredients from around the world and our own back yards to make our beers unique and of course delicious. We’re weird and we like weird beers.” - Jimm Powell, Master Brewer at Superior

“Kveik” refers to a small variety of traditional Norweigian farmhouse style yeasts that have been used in small-batch brewing across the Nordic countrysides, passed down within families and communities for generations. These yeasts haven’t been commercially available in North America until recently. The literal translation of the term is “yeast.”

Superior Bathhouse Brewery is a proud sponsor of the G├╝drun Northwoods Mountain Bike Festival which is managed by Visit Hot Springs and will be one year old in November. Superior regularly partners with Northwoods on events and is excited to be able to brew this special beer for the inaugural run of G├╝drun.

Registration is still open for the G├╝drun. Please find more information here ->

Superior Bathhouse Brewery has been brewing traditional and experimental style beers with the Hot Springs thermal spring water since 2013 and is the only brewery inside a U.S. national park. The taproom located at 329 Central Ave in downtown Hot Springs is open daily at 11 a.m. and serves 18 taps of in-house brews as well as gourmet sandwiches, sausages, pretzels, and small plates, featuring Arkansas grown farm-to-table meats and produce.

You can learn more about Superior Bathhouse Brewery, including previous press coverage and the history of our building at

October 25, 2019

Chris Janson - Beer Me

I love a good beer drinkin' song and Chris Janson is one of my favorite country artists so this is a no brainer for the beer drinking playlist. You all have beer drinking playlists too right? RIGHT?!?!

October 24, 2019

Craft Beer Weekend Around Little Rock

Is this everything going on in the craft beer world around central Arkansas this weekend? Probably not. Is this enough? NEVER. Will I be at all of these events. C'mon man, what do you think I am? Ok, maybe I will be. Or at most of them at least, I'm going to be at the Eric Church concert on Friday night so I'm out on those.

BUT HERE'S PLENTY FOR YOU TO DO! Get out. Get down. Get off?

(Click the links for more info on each event)

Friday Oct 25

4pm - NewBrewFriday - The Liereman Belgian Brown & Coffee Lager at Stones Throw Brewing

6-9pm - 2019 Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival at Diamond Bear Brewing Co.

Saturday Oct 26th

1-4pm - Little Rock Slow Roll with Great Raft Brewing

1-5pm - Pints & Pumpkins at Stones Throw Brewing

5-9pm - Festival of Darkness: Nighty Night 2019 Release Party at Lost Forty

8-11pm - Hell Camino Album/Beer Release Party at Rebel Kettle

9pm - Halloween Glow Ball Party at Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge presented by Mother’s, Lagunitas and Lost Forty

October 22, 2019

The beginning of Two Hearted: Bell's Hop Selection

Wanted to share this cool video from Bell's Brewery about their hop selection for one of my favorite all-time beers, Two Hearted.

Check it out.

"In September we traveled to the Pacific Northwest for our annual hop selection. We met with many farmers who've become friends over the years. Their hop fields are extensions of our brewery and they care about quality as much as we do. This is the beginning of #TwoHearted."

Tap Time Radio Oct 21st, 2019

Here is last night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with Grant from Lost Forty talking about their upcoming Festival of Darkness this weekend and lots of other fun stuff. He brought a tasty Saison Victoria with him to share plus some of Lost Forty's popular The Hunter Oktoberfest.

Check it out!

October 17, 2019

What are wet hops – brewing best bitter with Five Point

Great video from The Craft Beer Channel!

"Follow the beer making process from hop farm to glass, as we learn all about the historic harvest tradition of wet hop brewing with Five Points and Hukins Hops. We visit the hop fields, then follow the Bullion crop up to London where Five Points brew a best bitter with them!"

Born Yesterday | Getting Born To You Fresh

Lagunitas Brewing: "Once we brew and bottle our crazy fresh Fresh Hop Born Yesterday Pale Ale, it's time to get it to you as quickly as possible. Digitally dive into how it's done with Lagunitas."

Find some Born Yesterday near ya:

October 11, 2019

Lagunitas Born Yesterday | From Hop Bine to Bottle

Lagunitas Brewery: "It takes a village to raise our fresh hop, unfiltered Born Yesterday Pale Ale. Check in with folks from all around the brewery to see how they get this beer borned."

Find some Born Yesterday in your 20:

Tap Time Radio October 7th, 2019

Check out Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz from earlier this week with our guest John Crow calling in to discuss the upcoming Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival and lots more.

Thanks to Bryce for bring us some great out-of-market beers to sample...

October 7, 2019

Sam Adams x Dogfish Head: CollaBEEration

Dogfish Head: Stop, collaBEErate and listen! Excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with our new co-workers at The Boston Beer Company to create the ultimate collaboration beer – CollaBEEration!

Brewed with two very different types of honey – hello, Zambezi and Brooklyn! – this continually hopped pilsner celebrates the coming together of two breweries. Though vastly different, you’ll find they’re exceptionally complementary.

The use of bees and honey in this special limited release is a nod to the interdependence and unity between Dogfish Head and Samuel Adams, and the result is a remarkably smooth and clean beer that’s chock full of tropical and floral notes, balanced by an earthy spice.

Hitting taps Friday, Oct. 11 at our Milton Tasting Room & Kitchen, as well as the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Taproom, available … until it’s not!

October 4, 2019

Introducing... J├Ągermeister Arrogant Bastard Ale

Hell yes you read that correctly.

A collaboration between two fiercely independent entities rooted in commitment to uncompromising uncommonness. With a complete disinterest in catering to the masses, both built their legacies around the core belief that what makes them notorious is what makes them… them. So what happens when you combine such forces? You’re looking at it.

Brewed in Berlin, this 8.5% ale is brewed with the secretive proprietary blend of herbs, roots, fruits and spices provided by the gatekeepers at J├Ągermeister in Wolfenb├╝ttel, Germany. Yes, there’s a town in Germany with that name. Yes, it’s where J├Ągermeister is headquartered and made.

The result carries with it an audacious level of complexity and depth. Predictably, it’s not for everyone. Nothing worth its weight ever is. Nothing worth a damn ever is. But for those who seek a higher understanding, we offer this next step in liquid enlightenment.

You were already combining the two on your own. After all, the gargoyle and the deer are ever watching. They never blink. Ever.

Born Yesterday | What Makes Fresh Hops So Special

Lagunitas BrewMonster Jeremy Marshall walks us through what makes fresh hops so special in the unfiltered, lupulin-drenched, Born Yesterday Fresh Hop ale.

Check out more at

October 2, 2019

Suddenly Comfy Imperial Cream Ale

Check out the latest Dogfish Head Quick Sip Clip: Suddenly Comfy Imperial Cream Ale, their latest off-centered creation.

September 27, 2019

Tap Time Radio Sept 23rd, 2019

Here's Monday night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with Courtney from Lagunitas filling us in what's up with them and Ashley from Fassler Hall in Little Rock talking about their upcoming Oktoberfest celebration.

Check it out below the pictures!

Press Release: Marty Shutter Selected for B.A. National PR & Marketing Committee


**Arkansas Marketing Director Marty Shutter Selected for Brewers Association 
National PR & Marketing Committee**

Marty Shutter, Marketing Director of Rogers based Ozark Beer Co. has been selected to join the National PR and Marketing Committee for the Brewers Association. Shutter was nominated to join the committee by the association's President, Bob Pease and recently accepted the position with the trade association representing America's booming craft beer industry.

Shutter, an accomplished artist, musician, writer and photographer has worked in marketing for nearly a decade and began working for OBC months after the company opened its doors. In his work for Ozark, Shutter has created the company's visual content through videos and photographs, created lasting community partnerships with some of the state's best-known organizations, created events and programming across the state and designed the marketing strategies for the brewery ranked 2nd in production in Arkansas.  

"Marty joined Ozark Beer early in the life of the business, and has frankly been a huge catalyst for the growth, exposure, and success of the company," Ozark Founder and Headbrewer Andy Coates says, "Without his creativity and expertise, chances are that we would have joined the crowds and noise that has become social media and branding. He has given this business a voice and tone that resonates with many and does not rely on flashy gimmicks or worn out stereotypes to engage our consumers.  We are incredibly proud of all that Marty has done and are excited to see his contributions to the Brewers Association board."

The 14-member committee Shutter joins is responsible for creating national campaigns, strategies and content for its 5k+ member breweries representing a $79.1 billion impact (0.4% of US GDP) on the US economy.  Shutter joins a list of highly respected pioneers of craft beer and will be working alongside industry icons and familiar American businesspeople such as Sam Adam's founder Jim Koch and Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione.

For the last 2 years, Shutter has been a leader on the board of the Arkansas Brewers Guild and represents the Northwest corner of the state in Arkansas' rapidly growing craft beer business.  In 2018, the Brewer's Association estimated Arkansas' brewing industry to have a $838 million-dollar impact on the state.  Ozark, which was honored with Best Economic Impact Project by Mainstreet Arkansas in 2018, will produce over 5k barrels of beer this year, up from less than 500 bbls produced in the company's first year.

I can't think of a better person for this appointment to the BA National PR and Marketing Committee," says Sylvia Blain, Executive Director of the Arkansas Brewers Guild. "Marty is an original thinker with a genuine skill for creating excitement around ideas. His thoughtful leadership on the Arkansas Brewers Guild board of directors is something I have come to value. I am excited for Marty and for the Brewers Association and I believe having a member of the AR Brewers Guild executive team on this influential committee will be a benefit to our state organization as well."

Marty's work with the Arkansas Brewers Guild through its legislative outreach and local marketing initiatives caught the eye of national directors and alongside his work with Ozark made him an attractive candidate. "I've also been known to submit - unasked - my feedback on several of the association's initiatives, as well as pitching a few national campaigns earlier this summer. Craft beer and the myriad of success stories it tells from art, to science, American inventiveness and ingenuity is something I have been passionate about since my father began homebrewing in the early 80's."

For a brewery of our size (small in the grand scheme of breweries) to have our marketing director on the committee is really incredible," says Ozark Founder and Business Manager, Lacie Bray. "I think it speaks volumes to the quality of work that Marty has been quietly doing for years. Marty is a big picture person, but he also never loses sight of the details, and what he has done for Ozark has been invaluable. So, it is really wonderful to see his achievements and value recognized on such a large scale. I have no doubt he will be an asset to the Board."

Shutter heads to Denver next week for his first meeting with the committee during GABF, the world's largest annual beer festival hosted by the Brewers Association.

September 20, 2019

Can you brew good beer with bread?!

Really cool video from The Craft Beer Channel on brewing beer with bread. Check it out!

CBC: "This week we're at the amazing Belgian-inspired Unity Brewing Co in Southampton as they brew a collab with Toast Ale that tests the limits of brewing with beer. After hand slicing several kilograms we brew a delicious sounding rye saison with carraway!"

Support CBC on Patreon (get cool merch):

Twitter –        @beerchannel
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Instagram –  @craftbeerchannel @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans

September 17, 2019

Tap Time Radio Sept 9th, 2019

Here's last week's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with our guests Graham Linder and Kent Thompson from the Central Arkansas Fermenters giving us all the details on the upcoming Little Rocktoberfest at Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock on Saturday Sept 21st.

August 15, 2019

Tap Time Radio Aug 14th, 2019

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time with John Lee from Rebel Kettle and Adam Farrell from The Joint talking about their upcoming 6th Annual Jointstock this weekend.

August 7, 2019

What is Florida Weisse?

Since I'm going to be in Florida (Destin) in a few weeks for vacation, I thought this video was sort of appropriate. It wasn't that long ago at all when it seemed like there was nearly zero Florida breweries to be found. Now, every time we visit there are more breweries. Looking forward to getting back. Anyway, for now, just enjoy another great video from The Craft Beer Channel!

On the trail of the Sunshine State's own beer style!

This week Jonny and Brad are in St Pete & Clearwater, Florida! This beautiful piece of paradise in Tampa Bay is famous for its white sand and sunsets, but should also be known for it's AMAZING brewing scene. In the first of a four part series, we explore the region's own beer style – a heavily fruited sour beer known as Florida Weisse – and the incredible people behind it.

 WE VISIT: De Bine Brewing Company -
7venth Sun Brewery -
Arkane Aleworks -
Pair o' Dice Brewing Company -
Crooked Thumb Brewery -

August 6, 2019

The Greatest Beer Drinker of All Time??

Fun stuff from Beer By The Numbers:

"Andre the Giant is without a doubt the greatest beer drinker of all time. The stories surrounding this pro wrestler's ability to drink over 100 beers in a sitting are legendary but the science behind how he was able to accomplish this is even cooler. Grab just one beer and let's dive into the science behind the greatest beer drinker of all time, Andre the Giant!"

August 2, 2019

Tap Time Radio July 31st, 2019

Check out Wednesday night's edition of Tap Time below with Liz from Prestonrose Farm and Brewing Company in Paris, AR calling in and Sylvia Blain of the Arkansas Brewers Guild in the studio. We discuss this Friday's ABG tap takeover at Prestonrose and much more!

A delicious release from Rebel Kettle on National IPA Day

Bryce hard at work

Sylvia dropping knowledge

July 24, 2019

Lagunitas | #MouthFeels: A Little Sumpin' Hazy

Lagunitas Brewing: "Check out the shlarf with Lagunitas Brewmonster Jeremy Marshall on our brand-spankin'-new Little Sumpin' Hazy ale. It's an unfiltered take on Sumpin' classic!"

 Find some near ya:

July 18, 2019

Tap Time Radio July 17th, 2019

Here's last night's Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with the good folks from Little Rock's Stone's Throw Brewing discussing their upcoming 6th Annual Block on Rock party and lots more!

June 26, 2019

Stone Tiki Mix Pack, ft. the art of Mcbiff

Stone Brewing: When we set out to make a tiki-themed mix pack, we knew it had to be special. That's why we enlisted the help of crazy-talented SoCal artist Mcbiff to create the box art.

Use Stone Beer Finder to pick up this tropical-inspired box featuring Stone Revengeful Spirit IPA, Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA, Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0 Sans Filtre and Stone Tangerine Express IPA near you.

The Alchemist: getting to the heart of Heady Topper

Great stuff (as usual) from The Craft Beer Channel on The Alchemist Brewery and their sought after Heady Topper beer. I was just lucky enough to find a 4-pack of this on a recent road trip and really enjoyed them, which in my opinion lives up to the hype. Great beer.

The Craft Beer Channel: "We tick off one thing from the bucket list as we visit The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont. Join us for all the amazing stories that didn't make our documentary – including lots more on how one of the world's best breweries works, the secrets of Heady Topper and everything it is doing to literally SAVE THE PLANET."

June 20, 2019

June 6, 2019

Tap Time Radio June 5th, 2019

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with Chris Germann from Houston's Karbach Brewing...

June 5, 2019

Beer Log: Why Vienna Lager is the Minidisc of Beer

The Craft Beer Channel - We are in VIENNA – a neoclassical masterpiece of a city and home to a unique beer style. At least that's what we thought. In fact, Vienna lager is incredibly hard to find for reasons we explain in this video.

This super quick beer log was filmed on location while we worked on our next Beer School episode...all about YEAST. Coming in a few weeks.

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Instagram – @craftbeerchannel @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans

May 23, 2019

Tap Time Radio May 22nd, 2019

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time radio on 103.7 The Buzz below the pics,  with Liz from Prestonrose Farm and Brewing Company calling in to tell us all about their Brews & Blues on 22 festival this coming weekend and our studio guests Mike and Jay from Jacksonville's upcoming Blade and Barrel Brewing Co.

May 13, 2019

Stout Conversations - A Rebel with a Kettle

Living a Stout Life

"Episode 16 - Always in search of great breweries, we came across a rebel in the industry. Started in a garage in 2013, Rebel Kettle Brewing in Little Rock's burgeoning scene of innovative craft beers, became a force to be reckoned with. Being rebels at heart and in hand, John and his team craft beers on their terms."

Be sure to visit for more stories, Stout Life Approved places to visit, and resources to help you live your best craft beer life! A Stout Life!

May 9, 2019

HYPE TRAIN: Allagash spontaneous & wild beers

The Craft Beer Channel - "When we went over to New England, many of the beers we were most excited to try were from the wild and spontaneous cannon of Allagash – here we see if our own expectations and hype were worth it! With regards to one of them, we had no idea how much it was."

Dogfish Head Quick Sip Clip - Slightly Mighty IPA

Dogfish Head: "Mighty hop character and just 95 calories … that can’t be possible. Oh, but it is! After a year of R&D and months of fine-tuning what seemed to be unimaginable, Slightly Mighty is finally here! This true indie craft beer has all the character of a world class IPA, but with only 95 calories, 3.6g carbs, 1g protein and 0g fat per 12oz serving. Seriously." Dogfish Head's YouTube channel: To Learn More Hop on Over to:

Tap Time Radio May 8th, 2019

Check out last night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with our guests Ian, Meagan and Theron from Stone's Throw Brewing in Little Rock. They're filling us in on the latest happenings including opening a new tap room in Stifft's Station and some exclusive beers.

April 25, 2019

Pale Ale for Trails

Sierra Nevada: "Freedom is in the great outdoors. It’s where we unplug to recharge, where we cut loose to feel most connected. But our favorite places to play are vulnerable. Their maintenance is underfunded while foot traffic keeps growing—a divergence that is wearing out our wild lands.

That’s why we’re launching Pale Ale for Trails: to take back our trails and rivers through action and advocacy. Alongside partner organizations and explorers like you, we’re committed to hands-on restoration and upkeep, and we’ll champion the link between wilderness and well-being. If we don’t step up, our trails die out. Let’s protect our gateways to adventure."

Beer Log: what is mixed ferm beer? | The Craft Beer Channel

The Craft Beer Channel: "This week we break through the bull around mixed ferm beer – what's the difference between mixed ferm, farmhouse, sour, , lambic, spontaneous and wild beer? Using four delicious examples, we cut through the haze with some seriously bretty knowledge."

Tap Time Radio April 24th, 2019

Our guest on Tap Time last night was Rob Pratt from the Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival.

Check it out from 103.7 The Buzz:

April 11, 2019

Tap Time Radio April 10th, 2019

Check out last night's show on 103.7 The Buzz with our guests Courtney and Sean from Lagunitas Brewing Company plus Ben from the Arkansas Travelers filled us in on what beer to expect at the ball park this year.