September 29, 2020

Oktoberfest in Munich - The Wiesn Madness | Full Documentary

Welt Documentary: 16 days of madness! Some 6.5 million people travel to the Munich Oktoberfest in Germany every year – and they all head for the beer tents! But they’re often closed due to overcrowding! The Wies’n – as it’s commonly known - is the biggest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair) in the world! If you can’t have fun here – you’ve only yourself to blame! 

Note... The 2020 Oktoberfest was official cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Tap Time Radio Sept 28th, 2020

Here is last night's Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with Ashley from Fassler Hall in Little Rock...

September 16, 2020

Re-Gen-Ale: the first traceably sourced beer to address climate change using Indigo Carbon

Dogfish Head: "We've joined forces with Indigo Agriculture to brew Re-Gen-Ale, the first traceably sourced beer to address climate change through agriculture using Indigo Carbon, a program that provides growers with a financial incentive to store carbon in their soils! Releasing on Saturday, September 19, from our Off-Centered EmPOURium in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Re-Gen-Ale offers drinkers the opportunity to give back to the planet with every pint or can consumed, making it the perfect jumpstart to this year’s Climate Week (Sept. 21-27) festivities! 

This unique partnership with Indigo, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, began back in January, when the first test batches of Re-Gen-Ale were brewed. Through Indigo’s Grain Marketplace, a platform used to connect growers and buyers of crops, we were able to secure the traceably sourced ingredients to produce Re-Gen-Ale, including sustainable wheat grown with regenerative farming. We also committed to purchasing more than the amount of carbon credits needed to offset the production of Re-Gen-Ale."

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Tap Time Radio - September 14th, 2020

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