October 3, 2018

Craft Beer 10 Years Ago

I can tell you where I was mostly drinking 10 years ago, The Flying Saucer in downtown Little Rock (pretty much the only place for craft beer in 2008), but I can't tell you what all I was drinking. The Arkansas craft beer scene was yet to take off and I do remember for sure there were very little can choices for my lake trips at the time but I know there were several of the breweries I still drink a lot of today in the state, like New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, Rogue and Boulevard. Boy have their been a lot of changes since then! Cans are abundant, Arkansas has 40+ breweries and most of the big national breweries are available in the state now. 
Check out Beer By The Numbers video on the craft beer scene in 2008 for a quick trip down memory lane of your own.

"The Craft Beer industry has come a long way in 10 years. Aside from the sheer growth and number of breweries, the tastes of drinkers and brewers have also evolved. Join Ryan in turning back the clock to take a look at the craft beer scene in 2008."

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