April 3, 2014

Rebel At Heart, 4 Rebels In Hand?

The annual Little Rock Food & Foam Fest is just 1 day away! I posted a whole list of the available beers yesterday and have posted some of the VIP room beers but I thought I say a bit about one of my favorite up-and-coming breweries in the area, Rebel Kettle Brewing

They're bringing 4 beers this year and I was lucky enough to try them last weekend and trust me there's not a stinker in the bunch. I've compiled their recent descriptions of the beers mainly because I want you to know what you're missing if you don't get your butts by their table before these run out. If you don't try them, then you can't blame me now. I've done my part. I'll sleep fine.

And I don't want to pick a favorite of these because it would probably depend on my mood, but I sure do like the cucumber saison... 

Bretting Bad - Oaked and Dry-hopped, 100% Brettanomyces (wild yeast) fermented Pale Ale

Based on a typical American Pale Ale recipe, this beer offers a completely different and intriguing sensory experience. It pours a clear bright copper with a firm white head. It has a peculiar yet addictive bouquet of warm, ripe tropical fruits, malt and wood. The myriad of elusive scents are wrapped in a distinct "Brett" funkiness. A light body lends itself to an easy drinkability of the crazy collection of flavors within. An eclectic mishmash of tropical fruits, vanilla oakiness and funk that finish in a subtle juxtaposition of bitterness and tartness.

to HELLES and BOCK Lager

An ode to the season. This traditional styled Helles Bock German Lager is a perfect pairing for cool Spring evenings. The strong, 7.4% abv beer pours a deep gold with a fluffy pillow-like white head. Aromas of heavy malt and a slight fruitiness with some toasted breadiness in the backdrop. A smooth and creamy medium bodied mouthfeel lends itself to a strong maltiness that floods the palate. Rounded out by a slight bitterness from German Noble hops, the beer finishes dry yet with a nice malt sweetness and a hint of alcohol.

Womanizer - Cucumber and Melon Saison

A unique twist on a farmhouse-style ale. The beer pours a hazy straw with a persistent white head. The bold aroma of freshly cut cucumber is followed by a sweetness of sun ripened watermelon. Similar in flavor, the cucumber come to the forefront then are smoothed out and sweetened by a glorious mix of melon flavors. Slight bready malt and a spicy Belgian yeast character round out the beer making for a very interesting and pleasant finish.

Popfly - Popcorn Cream Ale

Deep straw hue with glints of copper and gold, topped with a brilliant white head. Faint aromas of bread crusty malts and freshly popped corn. Smooth and easy- drinking, light to medium body. Simple sweet malt and toasty corn flavors coupled with earthy hops that balance nicely into a clean and harmonious finish.

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