October 17, 2019

What are wet hops – brewing best bitter with Five Point

Great video from The Craft Beer Channel!

"Follow the beer making process from hop farm to glass, as we learn all about the historic harvest tradition of wet hop brewing with Five Points and Hukins Hops. We visit the hop fields, then follow the Bullion crop up to London where Five Points brew a best bitter with them!"

Born Yesterday | Getting Born To You Fresh

Lagunitas Brewing: "Once we brew and bottle our crazy fresh Fresh Hop Born Yesterday Pale Ale, it's time to get it to you as quickly as possible. Digitally dive into how it's done with Lagunitas."

Find some Born Yesterday near ya: https://lagunitas.com/beer-finder

October 11, 2019

Lagunitas Born Yesterday | From Hop Bine to Bottle

Lagunitas Brewery: "It takes a village to raise our fresh hop, unfiltered Born Yesterday Pale Ale. Check in with folks from all around the brewery to see how they get this beer borned."

Find some Born Yesterday in your 20: https://lagunitas.com/beer-finder

Tap Time Radio October 7th, 2019

Check out Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz from earlier this week with our guest John Crow calling in to discuss the upcoming Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival and lots more.

Thanks to Bryce for bring us some great out-of-market beers to sample...

October 7, 2019

Sam Adams x Dogfish Head: CollaBEEration

Dogfish Head: Stop, collaBEErate and listen! Excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with our new co-workers at The Boston Beer Company to create the ultimate collaboration beer – CollaBEEration!

Brewed with two very different types of honey – hello, Zambezi and Brooklyn! – this continually hopped pilsner celebrates the coming together of two breweries. Though vastly different, you’ll find they’re exceptionally complementary.

The use of bees and honey in this special limited release is a nod to the interdependence and unity between Dogfish Head and Samuel Adams, and the result is a remarkably smooth and clean beer that’s chock full of tropical and floral notes, balanced by an earthy spice.

Hitting taps Friday, Oct. 11 at our Milton Tasting Room & Kitchen, as well as the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Taproom, available … until it’s not!

October 4, 2019

Introducing... Jägermeister Arrogant Bastard Ale

Hell yes you read that correctly.

A collaboration between two fiercely independent entities rooted in commitment to uncompromising uncommonness. With a complete disinterest in catering to the masses, both built their legacies around the core belief that what makes them notorious is what makes them… them. So what happens when you combine such forces? You’re looking at it.

Brewed in Berlin, this 8.5% ale is brewed with the secretive proprietary blend of herbs, roots, fruits and spices provided by the gatekeepers at Jägermeister in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Yes, there’s a town in Germany with that name. Yes, it’s where Jägermeister is headquartered and made.

The result carries with it an audacious level of complexity and depth. Predictably, it’s not for everyone. Nothing worth its weight ever is. Nothing worth a damn ever is. But for those who seek a higher understanding, we offer this next step in liquid enlightenment.

You were already combining the two on your own. After all, the gargoyle and the deer are ever watching. They never blink. Ever.


Born Yesterday | What Makes Fresh Hops So Special

Lagunitas BrewMonster Jeremy Marshall walks us through what makes fresh hops so special in the unfiltered, lupulin-drenched, Born Yesterday Fresh Hop ale.

Check out more at https://lagunitas.com/borning

October 2, 2019

Suddenly Comfy Imperial Cream Ale

Check out the latest Dogfish Head Quick Sip Clip: Suddenly Comfy Imperial Cream Ale, their latest off-centered creation.

September 27, 2019

Tap Time Radio Sept 23rd, 2019

Here's Monday night's edition of Tap Time on 103.7 The Buzz with Courtney from Lagunitas filling us in what's up with them and Ashley from Fassler Hall in Little Rock talking about their upcoming Oktoberfest celebration.

Check it out below the pictures!

Press Release: Marty Shutter Selected for B.A. National PR & Marketing Committee


**Arkansas Marketing Director Marty Shutter Selected for Brewers Association 
National PR & Marketing Committee**

Marty Shutter, Marketing Director of Rogers based Ozark Beer Co. has been selected to join the National PR and Marketing Committee for the Brewers Association. Shutter was nominated to join the committee by the association's President, Bob Pease and recently accepted the position with the trade association representing America's booming craft beer industry.

Shutter, an accomplished artist, musician, writer and photographer has worked in marketing for nearly a decade and began working for OBC months after the company opened its doors. In his work for Ozark, Shutter has created the company's visual content through videos and photographs, created lasting community partnerships with some of the state's best-known organizations, created events and programming across the state and designed the marketing strategies for the brewery ranked 2nd in production in Arkansas.  

"Marty joined Ozark Beer early in the life of the business, and has frankly been a huge catalyst for the growth, exposure, and success of the company," Ozark Founder and Headbrewer Andy Coates says, "Without his creativity and expertise, chances are that we would have joined the crowds and noise that has become social media and branding. He has given this business a voice and tone that resonates with many and does not rely on flashy gimmicks or worn out stereotypes to engage our consumers.  We are incredibly proud of all that Marty has done and are excited to see his contributions to the Brewers Association board."

The 14-member committee Shutter joins is responsible for creating national campaigns, strategies and content for its 5k+ member breweries representing a $79.1 billion impact (0.4% of US GDP) on the US economy.  Shutter joins a list of highly respected pioneers of craft beer and will be working alongside industry icons and familiar American businesspeople such as Sam Adam's founder Jim Koch and Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione.

For the last 2 years, Shutter has been a leader on the board of the Arkansas Brewers Guild and represents the Northwest corner of the state in Arkansas' rapidly growing craft beer business.  In 2018, the Brewer's Association estimated Arkansas' brewing industry to have a $838 million-dollar impact on the state.  Ozark, which was honored with Best Economic Impact Project by Mainstreet Arkansas in 2018, will produce over 5k barrels of beer this year, up from less than 500 bbls produced in the company's first year.

I can't think of a better person for this appointment to the BA National PR and Marketing Committee," says Sylvia Blain, Executive Director of the Arkansas Brewers Guild. "Marty is an original thinker with a genuine skill for creating excitement around ideas. His thoughtful leadership on the Arkansas Brewers Guild board of directors is something I have come to value. I am excited for Marty and for the Brewers Association and I believe having a member of the AR Brewers Guild executive team on this influential committee will be a benefit to our state organization as well."

Marty's work with the Arkansas Brewers Guild through its legislative outreach and local marketing initiatives caught the eye of national directors and alongside his work with Ozark made him an attractive candidate. "I've also been known to submit - unasked - my feedback on several of the association's initiatives, as well as pitching a few national campaigns earlier this summer. Craft beer and the myriad of success stories it tells from art, to science, American inventiveness and ingenuity is something I have been passionate about since my father began homebrewing in the early 80's."

For a brewery of our size (small in the grand scheme of breweries) to have our marketing director on the committee is really incredible," says Ozark Founder and Business Manager, Lacie Bray. "I think it speaks volumes to the quality of work that Marty has been quietly doing for years. Marty is a big picture person, but he also never loses sight of the details, and what he has done for Ozark has been invaluable. So, it is really wonderful to see his achievements and value recognized on such a large scale. I have no doubt he will be an asset to the Board."

Shutter heads to Denver next week for his first meeting with the committee during GABF, the world's largest annual beer festival hosted by the Brewers Association.