April 25, 2014

Video: Rogue Farms Honey Harvest

It almost feels like that with all the great and exciting new breweries coming into the area, some of our already great breweries that have been around for years get lost in the shuffle. Personally I love what Rogue Ales out in Asheland, OR is doing with their whole Rogue Farms series and am always on the lookout for new beer from them. They're not exactly new, they've been around since 1988, and they've been in Arkansas since I started getting into craft beer way back in the day, but they're still doing great beers and exciting new stuff.

Check out this video about their Rogue Farms Honey Harvest, a key ingredient in a lot of their recent releases.

"The beekeeper at Rogue Farms carefully harvests honey to used as ingredients in Rogue's lagers, stouts and ales brewed by brewmaster John Maier. We grow bees." 

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