September 13, 2015

Beer Song Countdown: Number 5

Admit it, you thought I forgot about my Top 10 Beer Songs countdown didn't you? Well, you're correct, I actually did. My wife remembered and asked me what I ever named #1 and I said, and I quote, "Um, what are you talking about?" But fortunately I just clicked on the handy hashtag that says "Beer Song Countdown" and presto... back in the game.

What has gone before:

 So that brings us to #5, about 7 months later! It's by a dude I'd really like to drink a beer with, Eric Church. Another country song, it's about a man who seems to be more upset that the woman who left him took a beer with her, instead of being upset that she left. Crack one open and play it.

Eric Church - Cold One

"That was a cold one
I never will get back
Yeah she had to leave, did she have to leave me one beer
Short of a twelve pack?"

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