September 22, 2015

Ozark Beer Co: Cream Stout in a Can

Ozark Brewing Company is Rogers is one of those breweries that's making such solid brews I'm proud to take them with me on road trips to share with my beer brethren. I know they're consistently delivering quality liquids that will be enjoyed by all the beer geeks I hang out with as I brag that they're from Arkansas. So I can't say how happy I am that they've canned another brew! I'm looking forward to proudly sharing this one as well, not to mention quaffing up a ton of it myself. Here's some more on their latest canned offering, Cream Stout.

Ozark Beer Company: "Known for notes of roasty dark chocolate, coffee and dark fruit, our Cream Stout has finally made it into a can. The can features an Arkansas buffalo standing in the river of the same name."

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