September 28, 2015

Beer of The Week: Oskar Blues IPA

When I heard Oskar Blues had a new IPA out I thought I knew exactly what to expect, but upon hitting it a few times I realized it was not what I expected at all and a pretty complex IPA. It's got a huge nose, light body, clocks in at 6.5% abv, big tropical fruit hop kick and I found it to just have incredible drinkability.

It uses all Australian hop varieties: Ella, which has spicy, floral notes, along with stone fruit flavors; Topaz, which has some of the piney, dank notes that American hops have; Vic Secret, an unusual hop that imparts earthy aromas, along with passion fruit and tropical notes; and Enigma, which offers raspberry and melon flavors and aromas.

And for good measure and since it wouldn't be an Oskar Blues beer without a pot reference, “Blue Dream” printed on the side of the can (a strain of marijuana). I wouldn't expect anything less.

 "Get the behind the scenes story of how #OBIPA came to life and find out everything you wanna know about this Australian hopped motha..."

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