July 20, 2014

Mother's Plus Andy Frasco Plus Stickyz = Win

I can't be the only one who is just ecstatic about Mother's Brewing landing in central Arkansas next month finally! Things are starting to come together and what I do know is that the very first thing going down is some brews will be available at a show at Stickyz Rock n Roll Chicken Shack on Sunday night, August 24th. That will be the start of an epic week that'll include dinners, pint nights and a 20+ tap takeover at The Flying Saucer. Yes, 20+ taps. More on all that to come.

It all seems a bit far off but that will give you a good chance to check out Andy Frasco's music, who'll be playing on Sunday night. Here's his bio:

Andy Frasco, the 26-year old Los Angeles, CA native singer/songwriter/band maestro/entrepreneur/party starter/everyday hustler, and his band of gypsies “The U.N.” have been dubbed “Party Blues with a touch of Barefoot Boogie.” Frasco’s shows have been described as infectious, entertaining, and feel good. His performances are recognized as orchestrated chaos, inciting frenzied, undeniable good times, dancing, and perhaps even a good ole fashion freak out.

Sold! And there will be Mother's on tap! This can't miss. Prepare accordingly.

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