July 12, 2014

A Visit To Charleville Vineyard & Microbrewery

On the way home from St. Louis last weekend we stopped by a brewery that I've been a pretty big fan of since they started distributing in our area over a year ago. And if you like your breweries in the middle of the wilderness, then maybe a visit to Charleville Vineyard and Microbrewery is for you also. We got off I-55 and visited the beautiful town of St. Genevieve, Mo before following the website directions through the winding hills to the brewery. I recommend using their directions as my Garmin was leading us to who knows where, but I swear I heard "Dueling Banjos" at one point before giving up on it. But finally, on top of a hill, at the end of a gravel road and surrounded by gorgeous vineyards, I got to visit where El Mucho Hoppo and Whiskey Scented Santa and all their wonderful liquid friends are created.

It's several buildings in all, log cabin style, in sort of a little village type setting. We got there a little before they actually opened at 11am on a Sunday but it didn't seem to matter, we were welcomed into the huge gift shop and tasting room and I began sampling beers right away. I tried a couple that I haven't tried yet, the 2014 Barley Wine (wonderful) and their Coffee Stout (wonderful + 1). My wife wasted no time getting a wine sampler as well, and I sipped a few of these too and realized that I like their wine about as much as their beer. We brought home 2 bottles of wine (2008 St. Vion and 2009 Estate Norton), a growler full of the Coffee Stout and a 4-pack with 2 bottles each of 2013 Barley Wine and 2014 Barley Wine. I also picked up a nice growler koozy and a t-shirt of my favorite brew of theirs, El Mucho Hoppo.

There's a bed & breakfast on site with 2 bedrooms and as soon as we saw the big back porch overlooking the beautiful hills, we decided we'd be back to stay for a weekend. A still smouldering fire pit from the previous night made me wish we'd been there to sit around it sipping more of their beers and wines. Soon!

They're in the process of building a new, much larger, brew house and said it might be done as early as this October.

So anyway, it's a fantastic brewery to add to your visit list and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll shut up and post some.

So worth the trip off the main road

Beautiful views all around

Tap room selections

A beautiful site indeed

An inviting view to the patio

The new, much larger, brewhouse is almost finished

This is the bed and breakfast, which accommodates 2 couples

The current brewhouse

My short-lived 2014 Barley Wine sample

The tap room and gift shop

I can have a few with this view I think
Got a bit to go of course

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