May 23, 2016

Arkansas Untappd Update!

I get asked for this often, but it's been awhile so I finally got off my duff and did one of these. New to the game? I basically go to Untapped and check all of the Arkansas brewery totals, then sort them. Ta-da! Not much to it, but it's some fun info to look at. It's not actual sales mind you, it's the number of check-ins on the Untappd app. It could be samplers, could be full beers, could be some brewery's fans don't like to use the app.... basically there's nothing scientific about this at all, I just enjoy seeing it and am also a sharer.

Who's new to the list? Well I added Rebel Kettle, Prestonrose Farm, Leap of Faith, Refined Ale and New Province.

A lot of shuffling around as the "Big 4" at the top all seem to be pulling away. Keep in mind too the length of time some of these places have been open. Lost Forty has been open basically 1 1/2 years and is hanging around the top and leaping over breweries every update.

I also remember when my list didn't have a single Arkansas brewery over 10,000 check-ins, now we're about to have 5 breweries with such and 2 of them actually over 20,000.

So I'll shut-up now, here's your list.

Brewery Total Check-Ins
Core Brewery 23,667
Diamond Bear 22,150
Ozark Beer Company 15,495
Lost Forty Brewing 14,768
Fossil Cove 9,866
Saddlebock 8,300
Apple Blossom 8,093
Stone's Throw 5,886
Bike Rack 3,332
Superior Bathhouse 2,796
Vino's Brewpub 2,665
Bentonville Brewing 2,580
Blue Canoe 2,364
West Mountain 2,131
Moody Brews 1,892
Rebel Kettle 1,642
Flyway Brewing 1,514
Columbus House 1,355
Damgoode Brews 1,193
New Province Brewing 740
Black Apple Crossing 699
Foster's Pint & Plate 682
Bubba Brew's Brewing 593
Gravity Brew Works 121
Brick Oven  105
Prestonrose Farm 63
Refined Ale Brewery 50
Leap of Faith 37

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