August 16, 2014

Arkansas Untappd, Ranking the State's Check-ins

I'm not sure how I lived without it now, but I have loved the Untappd app since I finally joined when I got my iPhone about a year ago (wasn't available for my archaic Blackberry). I like to keep up with what beers I drink, take a few notes, snap a pic and be able to look back and see what I'm drinking the most often and where. It's also a good tool to see what else all my friends are drinking and also the hot beers in the area.

So for the hell of it I've compiled a list of some of Arkansas' breweries to compare how many check-ins they've had on Untappd since it's inception. Keep in mind, some of these haven't even been open a year yet and some have only had a small amount of beer available. But regardless, here's how the state's current production breweries stack up as of 8/15/2014. Of note... Boscos included Memphis' numbers so I left them off. Several more breweries to be added in the next 6 months as well it seems. But for now...

Number of Untappd check-ins:

Diamond Bear - 9,934
Core Brewery - 6,462
Fossil Cove - 2,880
Saddlebock - 2,852
Ozark Brew Co. - 1,761
Apple Blossom - 1,617
Vinos Brew Pub- 1,282
Stone's Throw Brewing - 1,046
West Mountain - 1,017
Tanglewood Branch - 466
Refined Ale - 27
Flyway Brewing - 22
Gravity Brew Works - 3

State's Total = 29,432

Not too shabby for the natural state! I know I've done my part as several hundred of those check-ins are mine. Now get out there and pump those numbers up for your favorite brewery!

I'll revisit this list a few times a year to update.

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