May 13, 2016

10 Reasons You Should Attend Firkin Fest Today

Sure, the most obvious reason to go to Firkin Fest today in Argenta is the beer! Great breweries from Arkansas and around the world are bringing fun, creative and hopefully tasty brews for you to sample. So you've got that. But I've come up with 10 more reasons. 10 MORE REASONS! Just for you.

1. The weather is going to be perfect. Forecast starts at about 80 degrees and sunny at 6pm, the start time, and ends up about 70 degrees by the end at 9pm.

2. It's Stevie Wonder's birthday. C'mon. It's very superstitious, the writings on the wall...


3. There will be music from talented local pop singer/songwriters Isaac Alexander and Jason Weinheimer. 

4. There's food from eight local restaurants: Arkansas Ale House, Damgoode Pies, Old Chicago Pizza, Skinny J's, @ the Corner, Cafe Bossa Nova and Zaffino's by Nori.

5. It's Friday the 13th, so you really don't want to go camping or something do you?

6. It's just fun to say. Firkin Fest. Fun Firkin Fest. A freakin' fun Firkin Fest. Go ahead, try it. Now imagine it after a few beers.


7. The event is Benefiting the Argenta Downtown Council. Drink for a cause! 

8. You never know what you're going to get when you tap a frikin. Case in point? Watch the video below:

9. It's Friday! You'll still have all weekend to do the things you need to get done this weekend!
10. None of the current candidates for president will be in attendance! Zero!
See you there!

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