August 10, 2014

More on the Mother's Brewing Launch in Central Arkansas

Finally! Here comes Mother's Brewing Company to central Arkansas. I've been drinking their beer for years and made a few visits to their brewery, but to have them here on our shelves and taps? Such great news. There's just so much liquid awesomeness coming from these guys.

So I've got a little more info on launch week (Aug 24th - 29th) and I thought I'd put it all together here for my reference, but hey you can use it as well. I'm a sharer.

Sunday August 24th - Mother's is sponsoring the fantastic party blues master Andy Frasco at Stickyz Rock n Roll Chicken Shack at 8pm. There will be some great music and your first crack at some of their taps to start the week (or end your week as it may be). I believe there will be 4 Mother's taps flowing to keep you hydrated while you dance.

Ongoing all week: Big Orange Midtown and Big Orange West are putting on taps all week long starting Monday. The Mother of All Tap Takeovers! Also various tastings at liquor stores around town begin Monday. Watch the Twitter feed for what's going on tap at the Big O's as well as liquor store tasting and such.

Monday August 25th - Industry only event at a top secret location which I could tell you about, but then I'd have to kill you. You could just go back to Stickyz or hit one of the Big Orange locations this night and drink their taps? Sure you will. Or hey, hit your favorite local liquor store as bottles should start showing up and have a home bottle takeover. In fact, take a picture and post it to Twitter with #MothersHomeInvasion and I'll retweet it and give some Mother's swag to the best pic of the week!

Tuesday August 26th - Mellow Mushroom in West Little Rock will have a firkin of Three Blind Mice brown ale with chocolate and raspberry added. Boom. On the north side, Old Chicago in North Little Rock will be having a pint glass night with 3 drafts.

Wednesday August 27th - The Flying Saucer in the River Market will have a mind-blowing 20 tap takeover. Yes, 20 f'n taps. Biggest tap takeover in Saucer history? I believe so. All sort of great brews you will not want to miss.

Thursday August 28th - A wonderfully paired beer dinner at Big Orange Midtown and I say this with all confidence despite not knowing the menu yet because Big Orange doesn't miss on these beer dinners. This is a must. Great beer is sure to be paired with great food.

Friday August 29th - Argenta Pub Crawl starting at 6pm at The Joint, then to Creegen's Pub, Crush Wine Bar and ending at Reno's. This should be fun!

There's more! Like I said I'll update the Twitter feed with liquor store tastings and such and fill in a bit more meat and potatoes like times and costs on all of these events at they come in. Keep checking!

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