August 13, 2014

I'm Giving Stuff Away!

Yay, my first Twitter contest! I've got a pack of some Mother's Brewing swag to give away so I came up with a little contest. It's pretty simple really, because I'm a simple guy. Just buy some Mother's at your favorite liquor store in central Arkansas during their launch week Aug 25th thru 30th and drink it. It's that easy! Well, one more thing, you need to take a pic and post it to Twitter.

What sort of pic? Well entertain and surprise me. It can be with your cat, underwater in your pool, around the fireplace, on the porch with your grandpa, chillin in the backyard during the sunset, paired with some food... whatever. Keep it G rated (or hey at least PG rated), post it on Twitter and hashtag it:


I'll pick a winner and presto... free Mother's stuff for you, sure to increase your coolness factor! Plus even if you lose, you still got to drink a bunch of Mother's beer so it's a win/win for you really. What's the risk?

So here's an example that I took, which sucks, I know. So you can do better... much better. Although I must admit this looks delicious.

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