June 10, 2014

2 More Breweries Set To Enter Arkansas

I got word from Glidewell that they're bringing 2 more breweries into central Arkansas in July, in addition to the already announced Caldera Brewing. Here's a bit of info on both breweries to hold you over until I dig into to them more and do some proper introductions.

First up is Butternuts Beer and Ale out of Garrattsville, NY.

"Established in 2005, Butternuts Beer and Ale is located on a 120-acre farm in the beautiful Butternut Valley. Brewing in a renovated dairy barn, we brew American-style farmhouse ales with German, English and Belgian influences. Water is taken from our own springs and lends to our signature flavor. Our beer is made with natural ingredients and no pretense. We've been known to throw in a few spices or fruits into our beer. Our most popular beer, Pork Slap Pale Ale is sweet and malty, brewed with fresh ginger root. Heinnieweisse is a German-style weissebier with tart citrus and banana notes. For all our hopheads, Snapperhead is an American IPA with light spicy and earthy hop flavors. And don't forget about Moo Thunder American Stout with its espresso, dark chocolate, smoky flavor."


The other new entry to the market is Carson's Brewery out of Evansville, Indiana.

"Carson’s Brewery, founded in 2012 in Evansville is Southern Indiana’s premier microbrewery. We started with barrel batch sizes used to test, improve and perfect many different types of beer. A few had what it took to make the cut and became the staples of our core offerings. These and our seasonals are available to you both in package and in your favorite bar or restaurant. Carson’s Brewery will be offering a variety of American ales, wheats, brown ales, IPAs and multiple seasonals."


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