March 19, 2014

Founders Launch Week Update

Information on the Little Rock area release of Founders Brewing is trickling in now. A pub crawl has popped up to go along with the beer dinner at The Flying Saucer, so let's do a quick recap shall we? The beer dinner at Saucer is sold out I believe also, so I hope you have your ticket. As for the pub crawl, the sign (posted below) just reads "signature beers at each location" so I'm not sure what all we'll see yet. There will be a lot of their beers here this first week I've heard, but some will be pretty limited. Rumor is that the KBS will be at the Saucer dinner, not sure on the quantity.

I'll update this as things are added and re-post... so keep checking!

Mon Mar. 31st:

Events at Mellow Mushroom in West Little Rock (All Day IPA will go on draft at opening, 6pm Dirty Bastard goes on tap and also at 6pm limited amounts of Breakfast Stout on sale in bottle.)
Launch Party at Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs (6:00 PM rep on hand from Founders, 4 beers on draft, 4 in bottles)

Tues Apr. 1st:

Patio Party at US Pizza in Hillcrest (All Day IPA and Porter on draft and at 5pm Founders pint specials!)

Wed Apr. 2nd:

Pub Crawl in the Argenta Arts District Sponsored By The Arkansas Times (flyer is below, KBS will be somewhere...)

6:00 PM - The Joint
7:00 PM - Cregeen's Irish Pub
8:00 PM - Reno's Argenta Cafe

Thurs Apr. 3rd:

5:00 PM - Rare Beer Tapping at The Flying Saucer - Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale
7:00 PM - Founders Beer Dinner at The Flying Saucer (5 beers, 5 courses)

Fri Apr. 4th:

6:00 PM - 17th Annual Food and Foam Fest in North Little Rock

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