March 28, 2014

A Documentary on Fayetteville’s Craft Beer Scene Coming Soon

There's beer in them thar hills!

There's no doubt that the craft beer scene is northwest Arkansas has really taken off over the last few years, and it's been fun to watch the growth. Just scan over to my list on the right side of this post to peruse all the breweries that have popped up. It just recently came to my attention that Danny Henkel and Alyssa Becker, a couple of journalism students from the University of Arkansas, are producing a documentary called "Tapping The Ozarks" for one of their courses about the emergence of craft beer in Fayetteville and the area. Below is the latest trailer and also an excellent article from Brian Sorensen for The Fayetteville Flyer and watch for more here hopefully on this very cool looking documentary:

"The final (for now) version of the promo for my documentary. Enjoy."

Music - Tossing Copper's "The Mason" by Jake Scott - used with permission.

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