February 4, 2017

Iconic Rogue Dead Guy Gets Facelift

Keep swimming or you'll drown. That's gotta be the mantra of all the OG breweries out there, and some of them are certainly trying to always keep things fresh. One of my original craft beer loves, Rogue Dead Guy, even recently got a bit of a face life and also is being canned now. I love it. Love the cans. Love THESE cans. The beer itself is just as good as it ever was so of course. Check it out...

From Rogue

"We are proud to showcase our brand new, state of the art canning line from the wonderful peeps at Wild Goose Canning in Boulder, Colorado. Watch it in action as we can our Dead Guy Ale."

"After 25 years of dedication, our iconic Dead Guy Ale has a new look. Same Maibock-inspired Ale, fresh new packaging. Also now available in 6pk cans."

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