January 28, 2014

So What The Hell Is A Loup Garou?

I love beers with cool names and great stories, and Arnaudville, Lousiana's Bayou Teche Brewing does a great job at both. It's so cool how their names are always so regional and have such interesting links to the history of Cajuns and quite frankly I've learned a lot about their culture just from visiting with them and looking further into what some of their names mean.

Here's what they'll tell you about their Winter seasonal, Loup Garou, which should be popping up around central Arkansas this week (in pretty limited amounts apparently):

Available in December: Loup Garou - 8% ABV Belgian Stout aged in oak whiskey barrels. 

Loup Garou is the Cajun French phase for a werewolf and is also Bayou Teche Brewing’s limited edition, Belgian inspired Imperial Stout. Crafted with an insane amount of chocolate roasted Belgian malts, brown sugars and French hops, our stout is then aged on oak for several months. Loup Garou is just around 8% ABV and will be released in 22 oz. Belgian-style bottles and a very limited number of kegs. 

Style: Stout 
ABV= 7.5 
IBU= 50 
Malt: Pale, Chocolate, Caramel, Rye 
Aged on Oak with Licorice root 

Sounds so kick-ass.

Here's the page on Mythical Creatures Guide on the legend of a certain wolfman: http://www.mythicalcreaturesguide.com/page/Loup+Garou

"The Loup Garou (also can be known as rougarou) is a French legend of a human who changes into a wolf at his/her own will. The word 'loup' is a French word that means wolf and 'garou' is an old Frankish word similar to 'werewolf'. The legend says that when a person comes into contact with a loup garou and sheds the blood of the beast, the Loup Garou will then changed to its human form and reveal their secret. The victim then becomes a Loup Garou for one hundred and one days. If the victim speak of the encounter to anyone, they become a loup garou themselves. But if they remain quiet about it, they will return to their human form and continue on with their lives. In the legends, the loup garou is said to be someone the victim knows, such as a jealous former lover." 

So there you go, a Loup Garou is a Cajun werewolf. Also, I'm hoping it's a very tasty beer that I get my paws on soon.

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