January 28, 2014

How To Pour A Can Of Guinness Draught

This is pretty fun. Guinness has always been one of my staples, like bread and water.

Guinness Master Brewer, Fergal Murray, shows how to pour a perfect Guinness from a can using our amazing widget technology.

"You've all enjoyed the crafted Guinness taste at pubs the world over. But now you can enjoy the great Guinness taste experience in your home, due to the unique widget technology. Each can of Draught Guinness contains a ball shaped widget. When the can is opened, the widget assists in creating the surge which brings the beer alive inside your can. When poured into a glass, that surge settles, to give you that creamy distinctive head of Draught Guinness."

Take a clean, dry, glass and a refrigerated can of Draught Guinness. Place the can on a flat surface. Then with care, crack open the can, releasing the freshness. And allow the widget to initiate and create that surge inside the can. Give it a little time, about 5 seconds.

Hold your glass at a 45 degree angle to the can, and begin pouring. Take your time and fill the glass smoothly. Straighten the glass, just as you near the top, to create that wonderful Guinness head. Place your glass on a flat surface and allow the surge to do its work.

When you're ready, take that freshly crafted pint and enjoy, and take pride in what you've created. Take that glass to your lips, and break through that creamy head, allowing enough velvety liquid to pass through and energise your taste buds. Notice the sweetness at the front of the tongue, the roasted flavours at the side, and that hint of bitterness that hits the back of the throat. This balance gives you a refreshing Guinness taste. A true Guinness experience.

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