December 15, 2014

Let's Check Arkansas Untappd!

So much going on in the beer world in our wonderful state lately, I think it's a good time to do my usual check-in on Untappd's numbers. I've added Lost Forty Brewing, which officially launched less than 1 week ago (and are BOOMING). I've also added the monthly entry in parenthesis, which seems to be the number of check-ins over the last month. I can't really find the exact definition of it, but that adds up I believe.

So check it out:

Diamond Bear - 12,008 (483 monthly)
Core Brewery - 9,432 (537)
Fossil Cove - 4,179 (215)
Saddlebock - 4,146 (275)
Ozark Brew Co. - 2,977 (233)
Apple Blossom - 2,700 (138)
Stone's Throw Brewing - 1,673 (130)
Vinos Brew Pub - 1,563 (61)
West Mountain - 1,281 (41)
Moody Brews - 351 (51)
Bike Rack Brewing - 140 (60)
Lost Forty Brewing - 140 (140)
Blue Canoe Brewing Co - 76 (54)
Rebel Kettle Brewing - 76 (0)
Flyway Brewing - 52 (4)
Gravity Brew Works - 23 (15)

Top 5 monthly check-ins for the past calendar month:

1. Core Brewery - 537
2. Diamond Bear - 483
3. Saddlebock - 275
4. Ozark Brew Co. - 233
5. Fossil Cove - 215

And what did we learn?

* Stone's Throw moved past Vinos on the overall list.

* Lost Forty has been open for 5 days officially and already jumped way up there in the list. I can't wait to see how their entire first month goes.

* Core is closing in on the 10,000 mark, the 2nd Arkansas brewery to do so sometime soon.

* Once again, 4 of the top 5 monthly check-in leaders are in NWA, but I think Lost Forty will be changing that when they get a full month.

* Some people up in Big Flat started checking in at Gravity Brew Works! Awesome. They more than doubled their check-in total.

* Moody Brews will be getting their 2nd beer out around Christmas, watch their numbers jump.

* Check-ins are going to be pretty slow for Rebel Kettle for the next 6 months while they work on getting their doors open, but expect an explosion this Summer. Led by yours truly.

* I'm hoping I'll be adding Noble Crossing Cider House, Spa City Brewing and Superior Bathhouse to the list soon.

Anybody I'm missing? Anything else you'd like to see here?

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