February 28, 2014

The Latest From Stone's Throw Brewing

Well I haven't posted anything here in a while it seems and there are several reasons for this, like being out of town and in the final weeks of training for the Little Rock Marathon. I'll do better... starting now! A big brewery announcement hopefully coming Monday finally and also next week a sit-down with the head brewer and brains of Little Rock's own Flyway Brewing, Matt Foster. Stay tuned!

But for now, I stopped by our very own Stone's Throw Brewing yesterday to try their newest release, Atomic Catsicle Pale Ale. Here's a bit more from their website:

"The winner of the Big Red Ball Homebrew pro-am contest, this is a tribute beer to one of the greatest kickball teams that ever was or will be [but never won a championship-ed.]. An aromatically complex, multi-layered, smooth drinking ale that is perfect for sipping on while you’re pitching a big red ball or just spectating. Loads of Galaxy hops give this magnificent beer a floral aroma. The taste is caramel and sweet with a flowery finish that makes this the quintessential pale ale." 

 I liked this beer when I tried at the Big Red Ball and I like their version of it was well. A very nice, flavorful and well-balanced pale ale that I'll be having much more of before it's gone, and you should too.

But that's not all the happenings there this weekend! Oh no, not by a longshot. 2 beers will be coming on today, their popular Amer Belge Belgian IPA and a new beer, Amadeus Vienna Lager, will both be joining the tap wall. Straight off their website, here's a bit more on these 2:

Amadeus Vienna Lager 

Born in Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent most of his professional career in Vienna. Similarly, the original amber lager was born in Austria but is most famous for its life in Mexico via immigrants in the 1800s. A healthy dose of Vienna malt gives Amadeus a soft, elegant complexity, and Noble hops provide just enough bitterness for balance. Amadeus is refreshingly perfect for a float down the Danube or a climb up Colima alike.

Amer Belge Belgian IPA 

It's Belgian. It's American. It's Amer Belge. Translated to "bitter Belgian," this is our solution to making a great beer better! Based on our Bernoulli Pale ale, but aggressively hopped 7 times with American hops, this beer is sure to please. It's malty, its Belgian funky, its hoppy. Everything hangs in a delicate balance to delight your senses. Amer Belge is perhaps our brewmaster's favorite child.

They've also got a very cool thing going on Saturday. They'll be open Saturday 12-9 and you can raise a pint for a good cause from 12-4 as they will host a benefit for the family of pilot & police officer Jake Harrell. Very cool. $3 of every pint sold will be donated directly to the Brayden P. Harrell Scholarship Fund. Just awesome. I'll be in non-beer mode the day before the marathon but I'm going to try to stop by myself and buy a few to hand out.

And lastly, maybe you want to know more about this mysterious Atomic Catsicle? Well, this 1-hour documentary "See Ya Sunday" immerses you in the vastly popular, and often madcap world of Little Rock's kickball subculture and just might enlighten you a bit:

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