February 4, 2014

Behind the Beer: Frost Line Rye

Summit Brewing Company's launch week in Arkansas continues and from all the feedback I've heard, people are loving their brews (me included, as I've tried the Saga IPA, Horizon Red IPA and
Summit Extra Pale Ale). Another welcome addition to state's growing craft beer scene I'd say for sure.

Here's a bit more info on their Frost Line Rye, which will be available at Big Orange Midtown on Friday as part of their Summit tap takeover. I'm honestly not sure if it's available anywhere else before then, but you can get it there for sure.

Frost Line Rye 
"Brewed to help fight off the deep freeze."

Hidden in the cold ground in the dark of winter, lie little seeds of hope. So, to help hasten the spring thaw, we give you an ale bursting with the spicy goodness of malted rye and floral, citrusy hops. An in-between-seasons seasonal, if you will. Summit's head brewer Damian McConn introduces us to the Summit's newest "fifth season" seasonal beer: Frost Line Rye. Enjoy this robust and spicy ale to help break winter's long-lasting grip.

For more on Frost Line Rye: http://www.summitbrewing.com/brews/frost-line-rye

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  1. Hoping this comes back to Arkansas this year! So yummy!