February 21, 2019

Keep Austin Beer'd

Made my 2nd trip ever to Austin over the weekend with sights set on both finishing the Austin Half-Marathon and drinking lots of good beer. Mission accomplished. And maybe I struggled a bit on the hilly downtown Austin route, OK maybe a lot, but it had nothing to do with all the beer I drank the day before. Probably. But damn there is just so much good beer in this city. And good food.

It's not just breweries that are abundant either, but great craft beer bars. Places like Banger Sausage House, Craft Pride, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew and Waller Street Pub House have fantastic beer lists and knowledgeable staff. It's not hard to find great beer.

Last time I was in town a year ago I made it out to one of my favorites, Jester King. I also got to Independence and Blue Owl during the visit. This year I wanted to hit some breweries I hadn't been to so I set out for a cool half-dozen, which is really easy to do with 2+ days in this town. I did pretty well, finally getting up to north Austin and 3 breweries, all walking distance from each other. That's a pretty fun time and worth the Uber cost to get to. The other 3 are sort of just east of downtown.

6 breweries, 1 great weekend

And there are still just so many more breweries. I guess I'll need a lot more trips.

But for now, here were my quick Twitter recaps and pics for this year:

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