October 5, 2018

I'm Now At 50 Brewery Visits For The Year

Wow, my brewery visits for 2018 are really starting to build up. At the end of August my wife and I took our annual anniversary trip and decided to go to the mountains instead of the ocean this year. We spent time between Asheville, NC and Chattanooga, TN and had an amazing time in both great cities. We'd been to Asheville before but it's always worth the trip for the wonderful breweries, not to mention the food and cool artsy vibe. We made it to 11 breweries in all, highlighted by 1st time trips to two of the big boys, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada. Both were just amazing. Here's all the stops:

Asheville, NC
Bhramari Brewing
Twisted Leaf 
Wedge Brewing 
Wicked Weed/Funkatorium
Burial Brewing Co.
Catawba Brewing
Green Man Brewing
New Belgium
One World Brewing
Sierra Nevada
Asheville Brewing Company

Next we made our way over to Chattanooga for a few days, not sure what to expect as neither of us had been there before. We didn't take long to start wishing that we had more time, what with great food, beer, beautiful sights and a white-water rafting trip. I recommend this city to anybody looking for some fun. Their brewery scene is pretty cool too, and seems to be growing. Here's where we made it to:

Chattanooga, TN
Big River Grille & Brewing Works
Heaven & Ale
Hutton & Smith
Terminal Brewhouse
Oddstory Brewing Co.

And finally, the weekend before last I went to Dallas to see some bands (Clutch and Sevendust) on Sunday and conveniently booked my hotel where I could walk to several breweries. A couple of them I'd been to before, but I did make it to one new place for me, Pegasus City Brewery. Nice folks and a cool set-up, they weren't focused on hoppy beer, which I found sort of unique. I had a nice black lager and porter. Would recommend.

Dallas, TX
Peticolas Brewing

Pegasus City Brewing

Noble Rey Brewing

So now we're caught up, and heading to Nashville this weekend! Hoping for a visit to a favorite of mine, Bearded Iris, and of course some of the usual stops like Yazoo and Jackalope.

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