October 1, 2018

Guest Spot on IWS Radio

I spent a little time yesterday as a guest on IWS Radio to talk a little about Oktoberfest beer and basically just shoot the shit with hosts Jay-Man and Matt-Man. Check it out below if you're so inclined. They call me up at about the 1:08 mark of the 2 hour show.

Follow the line: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/im-with-stupid/2018/09/30/oktoberfest-2018-arkansas-invades-munich

"Willkommen and Achtung Baby!! It's Oktoberfest on IWS Radio, and we are going to invade the luftwaves with a blitzkrieg of hilarity!! Witty banter will abound, German culture will be celebrated, good/bad music will be played, and we will be drinking and talking craft beer with Scott of @woopigbrewey and the www.arkbeerscene.com"

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