September 12, 2018

Founder's Solid Gold: The Ultimate Challenge

I'm a big fan of Michigan's Founder's Brewing Co. and would probably have them in my top 3 favorite breweries overall. I like them because they make great beers and also they take chances on styles. Making a premium lager was a bit of a risk in my opinion, not a lot of craft breweries were taking on that market share at the time, but the resulting beer, Solid Gold, is just crazy easy to drink. In the age of giant hop bombs and barrel-aged everything, "crushable" is becoming a lost art in my opinion.  

Founder Brewing Company: "Why brew a premium lager and launch it year-round? Because taking chances is in our DNA.

Solid Gold represents a new frontier for us. One where a premium lager can rub shoulders with a barrel-aged stout and no one blinks an eye. Because we think beer is beer is beer and it's up to us, the craft brewers of the world, to show beer drinkers how good a premium lager can be. This is Solid Gold."

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