March 1, 2017

Give the Devil his Due - HopDevil IPA

Even before Victory Brewing started distributing in Arkansas about a year-and-a-half ago I was a huge fan of their Hop Devil, a 6.7% tasty full-bodied IPA. This year it's back in 12 oz bottles and cans (just clap yer hands!) and I need to get out and find it before it's gone. You too.
Here's something for you off their YouTube channel:
IPAs are more popular than ever, but let’s not forget about one of the IPAs that paved the way for this trend- our HopDevil IPA. Whether you’re an old friend of the Devil or you’re trying this Menacingly Delicious™ IPA for the first time, it’s time to give the Devil his due. American hops, malt sweetness and an aromatic punch explain why this IPA is a world class brew. #HopDevil #MenacinglyDelicious

"One of my favorite flavors of HopDevil is really the hop juiciness. I think there's a certain pine character there that makes it very distinct. It's very distinctive because of the whole flower hops and the type of hops that we use."

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