January 2, 2017

How Arkansas Breweries Stack Up On Untappd

It's a new year so I think it's the perfect time to check on Untappd and see how the Arkansas breweries are doing, right? Let's jump right in!

Not a lot of changes at the top, but quite a bit of movement in the placements after the top 8.  Core did extend their lead in 1st place and both Lost Forty and Ozark are quickly closing the gap for 2nd and 3rd, but Diamond Bear has stayed locked in by a good, but shrinking margin. When I last checked (9/26/2016) Diamond Bear was +4,359 and now they're +1,730. Quite a difference.


Core Brewery 32,532
Diamond Bear 27,914
Lost Forty Brewing 26,184
Ozark Beer Company 22,090
Fossil Cove 13,057
Apple Blossom 10,411
Saddlebock 9,926
Stone's Throw 7,385
Superior Bathhouse 5,318
Bike Rack 5,057
Rebel Kettle 4,341
Bentonville Brewing 4,145
Flyway Brewing 3,964
Blue Canoe 3,380
Vino's Brewpub 3,001
West Mountain 2,530
New Province 2,375
Columbus House 2,113
Moody Brews 2,099
Damgoode Brews 1,838
Bubba Brew's Brewing 1,291
Black Apple Crossing 1,241
Foster's Pint & Plate 1,047
Brick Oven Brewery 246
Gravity Brew Works 221
Prestonrose Farm 90
Refined Ale Brewery 63
Leap of Faith 60
501 Brewing 12

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