September 26, 2016

Arkansas Uptappd Check-Ins

It's been a few months, so I thought I could update my Arkansas Untappd check-ins list.

Not a lot of changes at the top, except Lost Forty jumped over Ozark, but there's a lot of shuffling at further down. Core is building the gap between them and #2 Diamond Bear, but Lost Forty is gaining quickly on both, and as the only brewery of the 3 not available outside of Arkansas. And 501 Brewing makes the list!

I did my share by adding to a lot of folks on this list, including my first 3 check-ins for Prestronrose.

Did I miss anybody?

Brewery Check-Ins
Core Brewery 28,948
Diamond Bear 25,224
Lost Forty Brewing 20,865
Ozark Beer Company 19,297
Fossil Cove 11,595
Apple Blossom 9,649
Saddlebock 9,284
Stone's Throw 6,732
Bike Rack 4,292
Superior Bathhouse 4,434
Bentonville Brewing 3,486
Rebel Kettle 3,111
Blue Canoe 2,967
Flyway Brewing 2,894
Vino's Brewpub 2,890
West Mountain 2,345
Moody Brews 2,002
Columbus House 1,844
Damgoode Brews 1,665
New Province 1,660
Black Apple Crossing 993
Bubba Brew's Brewing 931
Foster's Pint & Plate 810
Gravity Brew Works 188
Brick Oven 188
Prestonrose Farm 80
Refined Ale Brewery 55
Leap of Faith 49
501 Brewing 7

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