March 31, 2015

Beer School: how is sour beer made?

Been a while since we've had a bit of beer schooling, so I thought I'd share this cool video on one of my favorite beer styles, sours, from the excellent YouTube page The Craft Beer Channel. Check it out!
"The Craft Beer Channel's Jonny travels to Belgium to meet the men who make the world's best sour beers, including the world famous Cantillon.

Sour beers may be an acquired taste, but they are one seriously worth acquiring. They were the first beers ever brewed so every beer owes it a debt – here's how they are made. Now pucker up and give them their due.

As in the video, here are our favorite sour beer breweries (in no particular order):

Wild Beer Co
Russian River
New Belgium
Siren Craft Brew
Celtic Experience"

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