February 17, 2015

Video: Earl Grey ESB In The Making

It looks like this excellent video was uploaded to YouTube by user LemkeNewsroom back on Dec 11th, but hey I'm still drinking this Earl Grey ESB every time I get the chance so I'm still talking about it. Check out a cool video with my heroes Josiah Moody (Moody Brews) and Sammi Stephenson (Apple Blossom) brewing up some deliciousness:

Arkansas Brewing Collaboration by Ashton Eley

"Fayetteville's Apple Blossom is partnering with Josiah Moody, founder and master brewer of Little Rock's Moody Brews, to create an Earl Grey ESB. "This is a quirky session beer," Moody said. "It has a big citrus and black tea aroma, but also has a very approachable, nutty malt. With each sip, these attributes stand out differently and keep the palate guessing." 

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