February 12, 2015

New Belgium and the History of Sour Beer

I went to a great event at The Flying Saucer last weekend, where we toasted 5 different New Belgium sour beers with some great food. We had New Belgium Loves Leopold, 2015 La Folie, 2015 Le Terroir, Wild² Dubbel and Transatlantic Kriek. All very solid brews. I think I have to say that 2015 La Folie was my favorite on this night, with the Wild being my least favorite. Seems odd that just maybe 4 or 5 short years ago I tried my first sour beer and was not a fan. Talk about changing pallets!

In my mind, as national breweries go, New Belgium definitely has a leading sour beer program. There are some much smaller breweries making a ton of great sour beers, but NB sours are easier to find. Overall though I'll throw out my other favorites Jester King, Crooked Stave, The Bruery and Rodenbach to name a few. Boulevard Love Child series is another sour I never miss.

But, back to NB, here's a couple of good videos from them on sours that I thought I'd share.

"Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert reminisces about the origins of New Belgium's sour beer program, which started in the late 1990s."

"New Belgium brewmaster Peter Bouckaert talks about the history of sour beer."

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