November 9, 2014

Summit Brewing's Unchained 17: Harvest Fresh IPA

We've only recently seen the Summit Brewing Unchained 16 in central Arkansas, which was Herkulean Woods (with Minnesota malts and maple syrup plus spruce tip) and I LOVE it. So yeah, I'm excited that we should soon get to see the next in the Unchained line from Summit, Harvest Fresh IPA. Check out this video for an intro to get you excited. Stay around at the end of the video for some bloopers. Great stuff. I wish every brewery would start doing videos like this for their new releases.

"Brewer Tom Mondor presents Unchained 17: Harvest Fresh IPA, a beer that involved Harvest Fresh hop pellets from Roy Farms (Moxee, WA) in first-wort hop, kettle additions, whirlpool and dry-hop; as well as wet/fresh hops of Gorst Valley (Michigan). "

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