September 25, 2014

A Visit To Mother's Brewing Company

I was up in Springfield, Mo. with some buddies on Monday for a concert and was fortunate enough to get to stop by one of my favorite breweries in the Milky Way for a quick look around (thanks Holly!!) and see what fun happens on a Monday at Mother's Brewing Company. I've been to the brewery a few times, but only to drink in the tap room. I've never gotten to see all the tanks, hops and bourbon barrels responsible for the deliciousness that has only recently entered the central Arkansas market.

I got to try their Training Wheels, a light (3.3% abv) IPA which packs plenty of flavor for a low alcohol beer. Also had my first Mr. Pumpkin (of many now that it's here) and their DELICIOUS Belgian Apricot. 

I'll spare you any more of my giddy school-girl musings and just let you see some pictures. Hopefully you'll drive up yourself and go by some Saturday at 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm for your own free tour of Mother's. Check out their website for more info.

Amazing line-up of tap handles in the tap room
Current selection board, changes very regularly

Walking around looking at the labels on these made me really thirsty

Here's your 3 blind mice?

I highly recommend the Full Ride double-cheeseburger at Grad School down the road to soak up some alcohol, the excellent beer selection at Mud Lounge and finally Brown Derby Wine Center on your way out to stock up on lots of stuff we don't get here, like Southern Tier, Stone and Bells to name a few. I snagged a bottle of Bourbon-Barrel Aged Imperial Three Blind Mice myself
to return home with.

Brown Derby's Mix-A-Six

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