May 23, 2014

Video: Welcome To Brewcyrus

Here's a great little video from Rural Missouri Magazine on one of my favorite breweries in the world, Piney River Brewing, which just happens to only be an hour or so past the Arkansas border. I've been there twice myself and plan on making it at least an annual visit and if you haven't been, well shame on you. Go see it! Worth a drive even if you live in Alaska. No, seriously.

Check it out:

"When Brian and Joleen Durham decided to build a brewery on their farm outside of Bucyrus four years ago, their friends thought they had gone insane.

Turns out, they were just beginning to have the time of their lives.

In just a few short years, the couple has turned the tiny Texas County hamlet into "Brew"cyrus as they've introduced the Ozarks to their craft beer. What began as a home-brewing hobby in the family's kitchen has now become Piney River Brewing Co., a seven-barrel commercial operation distributing beer to most of central Missouri and all of southern Missouri and Arkansas."

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