May 19, 2014

Fayetteville Ale Trail All In A Day's Work

Trust me, there are several problems with trying to visit 8 breweries in 1 day and document it along the way. The biggest is that by the end, I was just totally forgetting to snap photos and even checked a beer into the wrong location on Untappd. Wonder why? Sober driving friends and taxis are very handy and we even walked the last few. Well, sort of walked.

All in all it was a spectacular day though. I'll be back soon to do it over a more spread out weekend, and give things a proper write-up. I promise.

But for our 1 day adventure we started at at new kid on the block Ozark Brewing (which I LOVED), then hit Apple Blossom for wonderful lunch, then Saddlebock for a guided tour by Steve Rehbock which was just fantastic. After then checking in to the hotel and chugging quite a bit of water during a 90-minute beer break, we were off too Core Brewing where Jesse and Jonas gave us another fantastic tour of the new facility and taproom (new to us), then off to Fossil Cove. Next was Tanglewood for dinner and finally finishing with West Mountain and Hog Haus. Just for good measure we hit Sideways for a Mother's beer on the way to the hotel.


Here's some pics I did remember to take. Too many tales to share, just know that the Northwest Arkansas brewing scene is kicking ass right now. Great people everywhere, great beer easy to find. I'll be back in June.

Cans for American Pale Ale at Ozark Brewing.

Ozark Brewing taproom.

Selections at Ozark Brewing.

Ozark Brewing

Apple Blossom Brewing

Saddlebock Brewing

Saddlebock taproom

On the deck at Saddlebock

Future plans for Core Brewing's offsite taproom

Selections at Core Brewing taproom

Core Brewing

Core Brewing

Fossil Cove

Tanglewood Brewing

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