September 16, 2020

Re-Gen-Ale: the first traceably sourced beer to address climate change using Indigo Carbon

Dogfish Head: "We've joined forces with Indigo Agriculture to brew Re-Gen-Ale, the first traceably sourced beer to address climate change through agriculture using Indigo Carbon, a program that provides growers with a financial incentive to store carbon in their soils! Releasing on Saturday, September 19, from our Off-Centered EmPOURium in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Re-Gen-Ale offers drinkers the opportunity to give back to the planet with every pint or can consumed, making it the perfect jumpstart to this year’s Climate Week (Sept. 21-27) festivities! 

This unique partnership with Indigo, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, began back in January, when the first test batches of Re-Gen-Ale were brewed. Through Indigo’s Grain Marketplace, a platform used to connect growers and buyers of crops, we were able to secure the traceably sourced ingredients to produce Re-Gen-Ale, including sustainable wheat grown with regenerative farming. We also committed to purchasing more than the amount of carbon credits needed to offset the production of Re-Gen-Ale."

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