April 21, 2020

Dedicated to the Craft Ep 7: Meet the Latchkey Brewing Crew

Ballast Point Brewing: "Jeff sits down with longtime employee, Darren Rudy, and BP alumni Gerald Dollente and Anthony Beech, now the co-founder and head brewer at Latchkey Brewing. The guys reminisce on good times at Ballast Point circa 2014, the beer industry in general, and Gerald’s decision to co-found his own San Diego brewery. Later, the super talented and experienced brewer Anthony talks us through his use of all the “sexy hops”, evolving his process, passing on knowledge to the other brewers in the game and working with his buddy “R2D2” to perfect “The Stranger”, Latchkey’s Imperial Stout. Gerald and Anthony talk us through their epic would-have-been plan to celebrate Latchkey’s second anniversary this month… We heard Kanye was going to be there… Grab a to-go crowler and celebrate virtually with a few “yeah dogs” of your own."

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